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I actually didn’t wanted to comment on the too harsh negativity that is going on coz it’s sadly useless to talk to negative ppl. who see only one side of the story, Ppl. who give their fave the benefit of doubt even if he says one thing and does the opposite of it, ppl. who judge others who think otherwise, who judge ppl. for doing the same thing as them actually. Ppl. who have this I am allowed to do it but you’re not mentality, but well here are my two sents to it. And please don’t get me wrong I understand your disapointment and anger to some point too but whats happening is not human anymore. Actually it’s since long not human anymore.

Use your time wisely with things you love and things that bring joy to your life. Life is too short to waste it with things you dislike for whatever “reason” you think you have. Don’t be a tinhead your whole life! You’re betraying yourself when you always blame others for your own decisions, when you make assumptions and jump into conclusions without knowing anything at all. You’re betraying yourself when you think an Idol owes you anything at all just because you bought his groups goods and went to their concerts. Everything you did you did from a free will. No one held a gun up your head, it was solely your choice, so don’t blame others for your own choices! An Idol sells an Image and not his 100% real self! Everyone knows that or it should be common sense actually. Even your favorite isn’t 100 % honest with you and definetly not free from fault.They are just humans after all, humans with own wishes and needs. I’m not appologising for what he did, because there is nothing to appologise for in the first place. He made a decision for his own life and he has all the right to do so. You don’t know if it wasn’t the only choice he had and sadly at that bad point of time as to do what he did. He isn’t a reckless person. There are a lot of things going on behind the curtains that we will never know. Things that can’t be spoken out loudly, things that wont just affect him but also make others maybe even your faves look bad. Knowingly that a shitstorm of hate will come his way (don’t think he is that K.Y or at all K.Y.) he went out there and took all the resposibiliy solely on his own shoulders. If he was really just a selfish person he wouldn’t have done this. A selfish person always chooses the easiest way for themself. Showbiz/Idols sell dreams and not the reality, cause if we are honest we want to be lied to, we want to see only the sparcles and not some sad reality. Thats why show biz exists thats how show biz works. It’s always been shady and secretive. And sadly sometimes innocent ppl. will be sacrificed so more powerful ppl.wont be exposed. Call me delusional i don’t care, I still believe Junno was the most genuine out of them, even the members who never left a chance to make fun of him or expose his faults said that he is a genuine also a blunt person. He isn’t a fake person and his feelings and love to KT were genuine *agree to disagree*..

All four went through a lot in the past year and not just 3nin, everyone tries his best to move on and concentrates on their solo careers. Thats a decision they made for themselfs too! Not just Junno! Kame, Ueda and Maru did that too! Fans should stop dwelling on their negativity/hate and try to move on too. It’s sad that KT as group is on hiatus but Kame, Ueda and Maru aren’t out of this world. Things can only get better for them from now on. As for Junno you don’t have to like him or support him, no one forces you to do so. Just leave him alone and use your time for things you love! Do yourself that favor! Trashing him over and over again and wishing him evil doesen’t make you a good person at all!

I’m happy that he is back in show biz and didn’t give up. I’ll 100% support him in his future career and wish him all the love and sucsess in this world. I wish also 3nin and Jin and Koki a sucsessful career and a happy life too. I just hope that there are ppl. in this fandom who didn’t forget that Junno gave us 17 years full of laughter and happiness and that he dedicated 15 years of his life to KT and worked his ass of as a member. I hope that those ppl. keep supporting him too and thankfully a lot of ppl. are reasonable and considerate of everything and aren’t just blindly hating like some do. .

I’m not going to engage into discussions, it’ll be a waste of time with some ppl. anyways. Thanks, bye!


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