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Quick translation.
Junno loves Caprese Salad, especially the tomatoes in it. (that part is not translated)

N: The start of October is Ueda-kun's birthday.
T: Yeah. It's just a bit more to go. What'll you do? What'll you do?
N: I already bought his birthday present.
T: Isn't that fast? Eh, for real? What did you get?
N: That thing.
T: Say it.
N: Wireless router.
T: You said it. (laughs)
T: Wait wait wait, wireless router?

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(Hyphen mail congratulating Junno on upcoming variety and dramas)
N: You're doing Legal High right?
T: Yeah yeah.
N: How is it?
T: It'll be on air November 22, but well, I did the SP before, and also the serial drama had two seasons... so this is my 4th time, with this team of people. So, it's already something I'm used to.
N: O-, oh... that's great. *monotonous*
T: Also of course, I wanted to meet Sakai-san.
N: What about the variety show?
T: Well, Tokoro-san is an interesting person. And there's also Bibiru Ohki who's a regular. It's a show about like for example how foreigners view the Japanese, or things like why Japanese ramen is popular. It's a program where we go close-up on things related to Japan and we tell people about things they didn't know before.
N: And when does this go on air?
T: This is... from October 21 I think. Every week on Tuesday. 7pm. The first episode will be a 2 hour special. We haven't recorded it yet, we haven't met each other, but I'm really looking forward to it.
N: It's been a while since you've seen Tokoro-san right?
T: Yeah... well we did meet him as KAT-TUN when we went on location in Cartoon KAT-TUN, but after that also met him on stuff like when I went on his program Sekai Maru Mie, but this will be the first time that I'll be seeing plenty of him. I'm looking forward to it.
N: As expected you're looking forward to it.
T: I want to go to places like Setagaya Base (Tokoro-san's workshop/garage on another variety show).

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