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Myojo 12/7 [10000 words column] Junno shared that his knee injury years ago was actually really serious. When he finally fell down, it wasn't due to negligence- he knew he was having the problem but he continued doing stunts. He had a tumor and it could have deteriorate to bone cancer. After the operation, when he was doing physiotherapy, he had moments when he fell down immediately after trying to stand up. // I guess perhaps this is the reason Junno is always smiling? A crisis makes one stronger. I respect you, Junno! 

via @irisnowaltz

Behind that gorgeous and most beautiful smile i ever saw is so much pain hidden and he has so many stories to tell. I still have tears in my eyes after reading the part with his knee injury T.T  I wonder if the members knew that his knee injury was that serious and even lifetreatenning. Bone cancer is nothing to joke with. :| That sweetheart (and idiot >.< back then he should´ve really cared more for his health) didn´t even cared for his health and life and worked his ass of for KAT-TUN and as JE Idol. Y.Y Hope the members stop the bulling, i know thats their kind of member ai towards Junno but no one in the world should be bullied and if they really like him and i think they do, they should start showing it more with nice actions and words than with bullying. They are all grown ups now and should act like adults too. It´ll be nice if also the fans start to appriciate Junno more as an solo artist and as an important KAT-TUN member and give him the credit he deserves. (FYI i´ve nothing to do with that confession a few days ago.)
I´m really happy he overcome his serious injury back then and can do his awesome acrobatic stunts and awesome dances till today and hopefully he can do this till he is over 100 years old and stays healthy and happy. Though i´m still worried when he complains about his backpains, he is still the same idiot sometimes and goes always to his limits and gives not only 100 % but even 110 %. Even in those really bad times he never forgot to smile and think positive, thats one out of 1000ds of reasons why i love this sweetheart so damn much and my Love for him gets every day bigger and bigger and yet i don´t need even one reason to love him dearly. XD I´m really thankful to the person who kicked his ass back then and brought him to the hospital to cure his knee and remove that tumor he had. :) 
I can´t wait to read his full 10.000 words interview i´m sure he has more suprises for us and i´ll be sobbing even more then. X_X I don´t know if irsinowaltz is going to translate the whole interview though i just found that tweet on kattunindonesia forum. 

I´m really happy and glad that this sunshine smiley man exists and that he is is healthy and happy now. :)
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I friends i haven´t posted here for a long time, but we talked over at twitter and tumblr and FB ne ^_^

There is a Johnny´s Poll again and Junno has the least votes out of KAT-TUN *sobs*

So all my beautiful Junno Fan´s go here and Vote for our cute little Chef and give him a little bit of Love back <3

Btw. you can vote every 6 hrs for him!!  ^_^


 Hope you like the little pic spam and say hi and tell me how you´ve been today ^_^

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and of cause especialy to my love Junno <3
I made a little gif and pic spam dedicated to our lovely KAT-TUN boys
Hope we can celebrate all together the 10th , 15th, 20th etc. etc.. Debut aniversary ^__^

Click me and celebrate KAT-TUNs 5th Anniversary with me <3 )
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Here we go with part two and our lovely Junno ^^
and sorry once again for over use of glitter and smooches XDD

Junno is just too lovely, handsome, cute sporty, freaking talented and adorkable XD

the cutest bunny in the world ^^

He is mine ^^

just too smoochable 8D

sexy back

love you too <3

hot and cute !!

feels dizzy

Prince of Tennis XD


Junno the Basketballstar *

Hope you liked this second part and keep spreading the Junno love XD
as always your coments are loved <3

Part of the 'Spread the Junno Love' fan-project

brought to you by [info]taguchi_love 

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Hi everyone when i saw this photoshot in the Gamingcenter i found 
every pic so adorable so i had to make an pic spam out of it ^^
It was supposed to be only one part but lj was somehow other
opinion and i didn´t want to resize the pics so part two is 
comming up soon. There might be pics where you still
have to click on them to get the actual size i made also
1 or 2 in Walls size. ^__^

Sorry for overuse of glittery text and smooches but i couldn´t help
Junno was too cute here. ^^

so lets start the party with our adorable Princess 

isn´t he just too adorkable! XD

sure i wanna play with u <3

Junno saikou desu

Yummy (and i don´t mean the food)

looks sweet like an Angel ne :)

there it is again that Smile that i love soo much <3 <3 <3

WoW Junno

The prince of Smiles (click on pic to see full pic)

The party will go on in my next Post XD (click on pic to see full pic)

Part of the 'Spread the Junno Love' fan-project
brought to you by [info]taguchi_love

Hope you all liked it and didn´t get blinded but the overuse of glitter text XDDD
Hope also i could spread a little bit of Junno love and your coments are always
loved <3

P.S. Happybirthday to this weeks Birthdaykids ^^ 

scans: JOR 
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I thought i Post a litle Junno picspam of some of my favorite Junno
pics/shots to spread a little bit of Junno Love  ^^ 

Here we go with smexy Junno o__o


sooo handsome  and  fierce *melting*


sad looking Junno *wanna hug him*


lovely smiling part 1


lovely smiling part 2


soooooo cuteeeeeee *squishes him*


Hot look


innocent look


bed room look  *yes Junno can do that also*


sleeping Prince *lol only pretending*


and last but not least that britest and most beautifull Smile i love soo
much ^____^

Hope you liked the litle Junno goodness and saw that
there is more to him than that goofy smiling side^^
coments are <3 spread the Junno love <333 

Credits for most of the pics goes to J-One Comm.

P.S.  Sorry to my F-List i don´t know how to make a  Lj cut m(___)m


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