mendibuba: (sexy (UNF))
2015-05-15 05:52 pm

Happy 16th Anniversary Junno ♥ as a Johnny’s artist

Happy 16th Anniversary Junno ♥ as a Johnny’s artist, wish you all the love and susscess in your life and your career! May all your wishes come true and please stay always healthy and true to yourself.  ^_^

I will always love this guy who makes us every day smile and happy no matter what the odds are, he gives us so much love every day without asking anything in return for himself. Hope to see him this year in a drama as lead actor! He really deserves it, he works very hard as KAT-TUN member and solo Artist and is for me the loveliest, sexest, cutest, handomest sweet dork ever but most of all i love him for his kind soul and personality  :)