Nov. 30th, 2015

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#alwaysthereforyou田口 I always said Junno one day you're going to kill me, I fear the day has come, maybe for the second time now. I wisched I could tell you how thankful I am to you. I might not be able to say anything latter. You saved my live so many times, you gave me so much love, happiness and laughter, Somehow you made my life so much better and gave me strength to face all odds and hardships in my life. You made me love you more and more everyday in the past 8 years. You thought me to be a better person with your never faltering optimism and your endless love for the mebers, the fans and every little thing around you, You're the person who is always in my heart and thoughts. You're my love, my familly, my angel. You're my sun and I can't live w.o my sun in my life, but I want you to be Happy and make all your dreams come true because your Happiness is my Happiness too. Thank you so much for all those precious gifts! I'll love you forever and will cheerish all the moments I had and will get from you till the very end! Be strong and take care of your health please! I will always stand behind you! If I could turn back time, believe me, I'd choose you over and over again! There is no regrets, my heart made the right desicion and I believe you made the right decision for you too.I feel deep in my heart you know how precious you are to me/us and cheerish and hold dear my/our feelings for you and love us just as much too.


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