Nov. 28th, 2016

mendibuba: (sexy (UNF))
Congratulations to your Debut as Solo Artist. I am really happy that you
follow your dreams and made this decision to Debut as solo artist.
Absolutely Welcome back and thank you a lot for bringing us your wonderful voice,
sunshine and happiness with your lovely music.
I love HERO and all the B-Sides too. I especially love the acoustic guitar version
and Follow. I will and Top-Line are great songs that make me dance even in my chair. ^^
I'm looking forward to hear more R&B flavored Songs from you in the
future. I hope soon we can see you in a Music Video too. We/I really miss
seeing you in motion. Hope really that you get the chance to act again TV-Dramas.
You are a great multi-talented actor. I know I am greedy but I really missed you, so
if you can and want it too, just take one step after another.
I'll be waiting to see you on my screen again.
You have fans from all over the world, we may not be that many but we all support
you from the bottom of our hearts. I am your fan since more than 9 years now.
going soon into the 10th year. I'll be always supporting and loving you.
You are the only artist who could make a fan-girl out of me. ^^°°
I love your sunshine personality. You are the only person who can make me smile
again even when I'm really sad. I'm  so thankful that you exist, you make
the world a much sunnier and happier place. Please always stay true to yourself. I know
you went trough a lot in the past years and not everything was really sunny for you
so I'm absolutely glad that you stayed strong. Hope and wish you that the sun will always
shine for you especially when your're
"goin’ to the next level 目指してく Everyday, everyday" and I will also
"goin’ to the next level 手に入れる Everyday, everywhere"
with you!
Even if it's from a far, remember there will be always a fan who
loves you dearly and supports you in every decision you make for yourself. ^^
Last but not least congrats to your number one in the oricon weekly
independent artist charts. That is really a great achievement, given that you
achieved it without any promotions and publicity, it's just awesome and we all/
your fans are so happy about it. Wish you all the love, happiness
and success in this world. May all your wishes and dreams come true.
Please stay always happy and healthy,
Happy Birthday again, you are 31 years young and can make all your
dreams come true. The world is yours. I have faith in you. ^_^
(Hope one day international fans can also join your
Fan Club, but I'm sure you're already working on that too. ^_^)
Lots of Love


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