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Junno's "Ureshiii fuuuu" was so cute *squishes him* Him fighting his tears back and appologising the whole time was heartbreaking. ;_; You don't need to appologise for your birthday or for what happens behind your back. No one has eyes on his back. >.<  it was a cute bday suprise from the guys, the 30th bday is something special after all. Satomi-sans message for Junno was very lovely, he is like a grandpa for him XD Razor Ramons bday gift for Junno was really cool and mind yourself, he is a guy who met Junno for the first time and prob, also for the last time. So if a stranger makes such an effort and gives you such an awesome bday gift, why isn't it normal or more like it should be normal for those ppl. who you love and love you in "return" to do that for you too. That said, no (warning: there are so many mixed emotions and i need to get a lot of things out of my system) I don't think the guys really overdone themself for this "suprise" or more like yes they overdone themselfs for the cameras, *agree to disagree* it leaves actually a very bitter after taste when you know what happened recently and all those years before. Also sadly most ppl. do only then something when it's kind of too late, when we know we lost something very precious. If we appreaciated this gift from the beginning we wouldn't have lost it in th first place! This goes for everyone not just the members also the fans, agency, society in generell. It's just something ppl. should think about! I've read really a lot of bullshit in the past 3 weeks and some ppl. comments yesterday shoot off the bird again. >.<   And thanks to those ppl. my tollerance limit is very low and mostlikely wont rise again. And please, I don't need stubborn ppls. nonappologies either. Ppl. who definetly need to take their broom out of their asses and while they're already at it their heads too. I know I'm not a perfect human being either, no one is, but at least I never make/made "jokes" that go far under the belt. Things like wishing him dead and to suffer and fuck up badly. I already unfollowed a KT comm. where the bitchiest fans gathred including the admin there, I wont tollerate any passive agressive bullshit either anymore. Like cutting him out of 4 nin pics or when posting in kt order and then post K U N then T, If it hapens once okay its maybe a mistake but if you do it over and over again and even if you might not say anything but you're giving already an statement with that and it's definetly not a positive Statement! So ppl. who do that shouldn't be suprised that they aren't on any of my f-lists or t-lists anymore,  Sure ppl. will mostlikely disagree with me and aren't obliged to please me same goes for me, I can't and I don't have to please everyone either. As I said thanks to those ppl. who take every little shit as reason to spread hate my tollerance limit is very low now, I'm not M enough to just shrug that off and keep letting those things roll over me. My guess is Junno's tollerance limit, even though he is a person with a sheer endless tollerance limit (endless positivity), is reached too. Ppl. should be aware that not his mind needs to be changed, many other things needed to be changed in the first place and that ages ago. As that wont probably ever happen, this is the situation we have to face now. You just can't repair a glass anymore that is smashed into thousands of pieces and that not only once. I'm posting this on my private tl's, if someone reads it and doesen't like what I wrote, it's your problem so please keep your negativity for yourself, I'm not interessted in it. I cared too much for too long and yes that was my mistake but I'm working on that. The only ppl. I care now is my familly and yes Junno belongs to my familly too, my real friends ( they might be just a few but at least i have those, some ppl. don't have any friends at all besides being surounded from so called "friends") and ofc. myself. In the very end everyones biggest priority is their own interessts and well being, everyone who says that isn't so is a shameless liar.    End of rant. I know that wont be my last rant tho xD what should I say I'm just a human ;-)

*don't touch me*
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