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thats what happens when I start making gifs again, can't stop playing around xD
but well Junno is a great not to say asdfsfdfg awesome muse too XD 
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Happy Birthday my Love ♥ you know i love you more than words can say
and this love for you grows every day more and more XD

here are 2 more wallies and some gimme luv gifs of this wonderful sweetheart :D

^-^ isn't he drop dead gorgeous and fierce here :D

 it's still his bday for the next 6 hrs here :)
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#入口出口田口くん生誕祭_28th #HBD28田口笑顔 Happy 28th Birthday Junno bb you’re the cutest most amazing loveliest human being in this world. ;) may all your wishes and dreams come true and wish you all the Happiness, Love and Succsess in your career in this world. You will always be my Precious only One ^_^

Made a few Wallies and gifs from Kusabi and GIMME LUV for his BIrthday hope you guys like them :)
more is to come during his Birthday week ^_^

Open pic in new tab to see the whole size :)

Now have fun celebrating our Prince of Smileses Birthday XD
hope to see a lot again on twitter ^-^
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What is this crazy volk doing to him >.<  my poor sweetheart XD someone even tried to
bite him or actually did bite him. Well i know he is too yummy for his own good and i
can't reallyblame the person who did it ^^ I could also eat him alive X'DD 

135107532767959[TV] 20121019 KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru!

135107837098168[TV] 20121019 KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru! junno in trouble
135108337094310[TV] 20121019 KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru! 3a
135108456412808[TV] 20121019 KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru!3
135108573749122[TV] 20121019 KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru! 1
135108674225363[TV] 20121019 KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru! 2

Sweetheart still laughs even in a situation like this XD you just got to love this man :D


Isn't he just too cute for words this darling angel i just want to squish him tight and never let him go ^.^ ♥

my gifs ^_^

Cutest dork ever *love him to bits* c:

don't know who to credit >.< 

c) obove 5 gifs art_of_clarity

(c) tumblr - taguchi junnosuke anon  

Dou datta (how was it) I hope you liked this little gif spam and yesterday the first episode of
Osozaki no Himawari aired Junno as male nurse Aoyama Kaoru is just HAWT :D

(c) KFC_223 edited by mellowciel 

He's handsome and sexy ne ~ 

I know i wont win the giveaway i just wanted to share the cuteness of this sweet angelic damn sexy
man *kyaaa* and it's also long time ago since i posted in my lj so i use this to say also hi to my
f-list/friendsand if you read this please say hi too so i know everyone is fine!! :D

Junno's Birthday is in less than 5 weeks, yeah the time just flies. I saw that for Maru's and
Uepi's birth day for the twitter project a kanji hashtag was used. Well last year we wanted to
use the Iriguchi Deguchi Taguchi in kanji as hashtag plus his age and got told we shouldn't do
it because we cold clash with the japanese fandom but seems like there is no problem now
so maybe we can do this this year. And as always spread the Junno love, bye bye XD

P.S : HAPPY BIRTHDAY ISA-CHAN!! Hope you have a nice day an got many nice presents ^_^

135111660896823 1

135112094429781 2

lol okay it's not a bite mark XD one of them used the chance and pressed his lips on  Junno's sexy back and smooched (i don't want to say the other word with s xP)  him hard and left his stamp there no wonder Junno screamed "kowaii, kowaii" there. Poor babes *hugs him* but he still laughed even in a bad situation like this ^.^ ♥ I wanna smooch Junno soo badly too now :''P

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please stay always our beloved scaredy cat xD and take care of yourself and also please
take care of your little brother Junno for me XD

Plus some Junno ♥ and KAT-TUN gifs i made *sorry for the crappy gifs >.<* and Kame shares a inside
story/some info about Junno ♥ and him as the one in charge for the choreo :D

[KAT-TUN] Kame recited about the new song (Fumetsu no Scrum) which Junno choreographed. “Usually, Junno doesn’t bother to tell members about posing or positions like ‘Kame do this, Koki do that..”. But when it comes to the song that he choreographed by himself, only 1 mm. error he wouldn’t forgive”.

^_^ you go Junno ♥ babes XD maybe thats why KAT-TUN is nearly in sync in the previews xD I can´t wait to see the making of and see Taguchi sensei scolding them when they mess up ^_° 

TH->EN kattunthailand

and again HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY #中丸くん ☻
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mendibuba:<br /><br />Reblog if you like what you see and if you want to see him totally nacked in an ANAN shooot. *Me definetly raises hand* ^____________^<br />

but i doubt he´ll be all naked like Jin or Yamapi tho and a half naked Junno is alredy more than dying of nosebleed alarm ^____^ 

mendibuba:<br /><br />HNG. (。♥‿♥。)<br />

But we can still hope for a totally naked Junno under the shower ugh i can´t even .......

mendibuba:You sinful man, don´t tease me like that!! Those smexy arms and veins, those sinful smoochable lips, that yummy belly (nipple pron *dies*), those smexy collar bones. I could go on and on .. / my 23.000th

I wondered and ranted about his weightloss yesterday when is saw the new Solio CM pics and now i know why he lost again weight. So i hope we get to see some smexy Junno ass. *don´t mind me* and *wait till his ANAN is out* *my flailings will get even worser* x´DD *bear with me^^*

This guy is pron from head to toe :D


UNF.... ^^

(gifs not mine)

I´m going to say alredy adidas i mean adios to the world coz i´m going to die due to ´heavy nosebleed even before Junno´s ANAN comes out ^_^ I mean just look at that damn HOT BAMF X´DD and when his ANAN comes out that´ll definetly my dead even if he dosen´t appear totally naked alone a half nakid Junno is alredy killer *kya* Okay now i´m going  to die silently in one corner and wait paitiently for Junno´s ♥ ANAN  and of course for the TTL PV and making of, Junno is just asfdsgdfghsdfgdsgdf there *melts* *i´m dead and in Junno heaven alredy ^^* Don´t mind me too much girls now i will be silent, well atleast for an hour or so x´PP (and sorry f-list for no lj cut^^)

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and of cause especialy to my love Junno <3
I made a little gif and pic spam dedicated to our lovely KAT-TUN boys
Hope we can celebrate all together the 10th , 15th, 20th etc. etc.. Debut aniversary ^__^

Click me and celebrate KAT-TUNs 5th Anniversary with me <3 )
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CELEBRATION TIME!!!! I´m jumping and sreaming from happiness!!!!

He will appear in the Drama "Inu wo kau to iu koto" 


I´m sooo happy that my sweety gets to act againg though i wish it would be a lead role. But still i´m damn happy and he will play a doctor. Can you immagine Dr. Taguchi, though i don´t like doctors Junno would be the only one who is allowed to examinte me *grins*

I see it as good omen though that he will get soon a lead role in a Drama also or a Stage play or a Solo concert tour or just everything together!! I know i´m greedy ne!!!


Junno says watch me i´m going to be a awesome Doctor and then
breaks in laughter. lol Yeah babes i bet you´ll be the best in everything.
Johnny-san just give him the chance alredy!!!!!!!


And Junno and Ryo will work together again, it´s like Gambatte ikkimashoi II lol. No just kidding!

Here is the link to the info!!!

Sorry to my f-list but i´m just that HAPPY <33333333333

EDIT: Junno is listed third in the cast list, so he is a REGULAR in the drama.


He will be playing a doctor and former classmate of Sachiko Hongou (the wife character)


Yaay the day gets better and better!!!!!! Lol he plays a former classfriend of Ryo´s Drama wife and Ryo is getting fired and has to struggle in life. Who knows maybe Junno is the rival here. Oh i can´t wait to see it. I will watch the Drama on keyhole. Cant wait till someone subs. and upload it. ^___°

credit info: Nono96 (kt_newsinfo), krysyuy tumblr <333 credit gifs: krysyuy, pincejuice, hohemi90, cutedorkylove, aquamarina84 <3333

Meet Dr. Taguchi <33333


credit on pic


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