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He was just in two short sceenes but damn hot and soo handsome
and his voice to die for sooo sexy and soft! 8DDDDD
I melted away! xDDD

If the video dosen´t work  here
Here the direct link!

credit video esterzax
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CELEBRATION TIME!!!! I´m jumping and sreaming from happiness!!!!

He will appear in the Drama "Inu wo kau to iu koto" 


I´m sooo happy that my sweety gets to act againg though i wish it would be a lead role. But still i´m damn happy and he will play a doctor. Can you immagine Dr. Taguchi, though i don´t like doctors Junno would be the only one who is allowed to examinte me *grins*

I see it as good omen though that he will get soon a lead role in a Drama also or a Stage play or a Solo concert tour or just everything together!! I know i´m greedy ne!!!


Junno says watch me i´m going to be a awesome Doctor and then
breaks in laughter. lol Yeah babes i bet you´ll be the best in everything.
Johnny-san just give him the chance alredy!!!!!!!


And Junno and Ryo will work together again, it´s like Gambatte ikkimashoi II lol. No just kidding!

Here is the link to the info!!!

Sorry to my f-list but i´m just that HAPPY <33333333333

EDIT: Junno is listed third in the cast list, so he is a REGULAR in the drama.


He will be playing a doctor and former classmate of Sachiko Hongou (the wife character)


Yaay the day gets better and better!!!!!! Lol he plays a former classfriend of Ryo´s Drama wife and Ryo is getting fired and has to struggle in life. Who knows maybe Junno is the rival here. Oh i can´t wait to see it. I will watch the Drama on keyhole. Cant wait till someone subs. and upload it. ^___°

credit info: Nono96 (kt_newsinfo), krysyuy tumblr <333 credit gifs: krysyuy, pincejuice, hohemi90, cutedorkylove, aquamarina84 <3333

Meet Dr. Taguchi <33333


credit on pic


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