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Isn't he a sexy 
overture 12 

and cute a angel ^^ *hugs him*

I know the Junda fans heart jumps up while seeing this xD 

2 cute Junda more ^^ )

My angel ^.^ wanna hug and kiss him X'D

f_001c72 10135418647084234 
Junkame :)
[TV] 20121125 Houritsu no Dekiru Houritsu Soudanjou Tokoro - 1

He says sshhh just enjoy ^__^ and thats what i do :P  

[KT1] 11 FINALE79

26 sexy Junno "FINALE" gifs more :P )
First Part of Junno's B-day Post here
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The lyrics to Junno´s Solo FINALE :) + english translation can be found #here. Btw. they wrote in the lyrics sheet LIFE & KEEDS but i think it should be LIFE & NEEDS XD 

Well one of the concert reports says Jonno shows his crazy face in the begining of the song in that VTR but i think it´s his sad face. The song basically tells of a break up, a glass is breaking into pieces and a woman leaves the room and Junno is sad and in pain he can´t forget that woman and wishes everything to go magicaly back as it was. There is a lot of sadness, pain and memories and in the end she comes back and the glass get´s put together and makes Junno smile again. Isn´t that romantic and sad XD He lost a lot weigth recently and that sad song makes me worried about him, hope he is okay and it´s not a real story and he got his heartbroken from someone but that he smiles in the end is a good sign XD Maybe i interpret too much in that. >.<  

(c pic) @fly_chaintour

The lyrics to Junno´s Solo FINALE :) english translation can be found here.

Junno on Music Japan feb. 19th 2012 *squishes him* (。♥‿♥。)

Edit: LOL i have a ghost post here! The last pic is changing automatically when i post something on tumblr. This is obviously not Junno in MJ xD  


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