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Junno made it to the Semi-Finale in the Asian talents Batlle.
He has now to battle against Yamapi and till yesterday Junno was in the
lead by over 480 votes but today there were so many votes gone and someone
wrote that her account was suddenly gone. I guess someone dosen´t want
Junno to win. Therefore please all Junno and KAT-TUN 
fans go to and vote for Junno.  m(__-__)m
so there is atleast one KAT-TUN Member in the finals.

This is so unfair i just checked the votings for Yamapi and there are so
many nicks wich are simmilar so i think they really make their
say and registered another account and voted for Yamapi again ;(

Please vote for our Junno!!!!
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I love Junnos new Solo Love Music <3 
Junno said that he also wrote the lyrics for
the song ^^

I think thats amazing that he started to
write his own lyrics and that he also tries to sing
the Song in a higher voice
it sounds really lovely <3

I found a short Fancam and a Audio-rip of his Solo
Check it out yo!!!!!!

what do you all think of his Solo!? XD 

Btw. Junno reached the Semi-Finals in the Asian talent
Battle!! But he has to Battle now against Yamapi, so we have to
support our Junno further <333

Ganbatte Junno you can do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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