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cutting ppls  wattermarks + not credit them is not a fine gesture & thats how you (generel meant) make ppl. who pay, scan + share stuff stop sharing!

writting credit to owner/uploader is never a credit, when you excactly know who it is! If the uploader doesen't want to be credited its another thing tho or if you don't know who the original uploader is! A proper credit is nothing more than a thank you to that person and shouldn't be that difficult for ppl. to understand this. With such behaviour we srsly don't have to wonder why ppl. suddenly stopped sharing stuff w. everyone or stopped sharing at all! :|
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I know no one gonna read or react to this but  have to get it out and its okay if no one does.

All Junno lj comms. are since months/ages dead :( no one posts or shares anything abt. him anymore. so i guess its true what ppl. say Junno doesen't have any fans and this is really really sad. Don't tell me you've a lot to do in your real life coz other members fans are also busy w. real life and still manage to do regularly something for their so called ichiban or bias or the guy who they say he makes them smile. I was the last one who posted something on his coms and i  know i'm not very often here either, but that is bcoz no one cares anymore and to my posts are rarely any comments or is it bcoz its me and i'm a person who tends to tell ppl. the shocking truth that no one wants to hear. Then sorry i'm not a faker, i will always keep telling what i really think wheater you like it or not. One other thing that made me really heartbrocken is that someone went to the concerts and recorded all solos except Junno's, this isn't the first time and for sure not the last time that ppl. leave/cut him as only one out and i srsly i wonder why? I mean look at him, how can you dislike this sweet guy? A while ago i asked someone whats her problem with him and all she said was i dunno i don't like him but i dunno the reason. the best was this person always said she can't understand ppl. who love only their ichiban and she loves the whole group. *logic where are though*

Drama News:

Junno will be acting in the drama Kyou wa kaisha yasumimasu (meaning "Today is an off day"), starting October, 10pm(?) JST on NTV.

His character is Oshiro Takeshi(?), who entered the company same time as Hanae (Ayase Haruka's character). Oshiro is someone who gets easily elated by praises and flattery and he interferes with Hanae's relationships with the males.

Sorry i'm not really happy for him to be in that drama coz its again only a minor role and JE wastes his time and talent with those mini roles. But i guess we have to be lucky that we get anything at all. they even banned again his pictures on the drama charts :|
I don't want to be all to negative and try to be again tagutive now,  so congrats to Junno and hope we get to see him a bit more than just few seconds in every episode. I really admire this sweetest and strongest of all persons i know in this world coz he always keeps his positivity no matter how much bullshit he gets from every side and i really hope he always stays strong, healthy  and is happy. He deserves all happiness and love in this world coz this guy gives everyone of us a reason to smile again.

As last but not least i wanna wish our ojisan Maru again a happy belated b-day. I did this on his bday already on twitter tumblr and fb but forgot to post on lj and last week was really stressy >.< anyways wish him all the best in his life and i know Junno will always be a good friend for him ^^

so Junno grants Maru one wisch for his bday and
Maru wished Junno was his bday gift and who could blame him for this wish xD i want Junno too ^^ (lol i know i'm lame and sorry i'm not a
yaoi fan. i like when they interact with each other and show that they are actually good friends) so i think i've said enough for today
so bye bye
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Sorry to my f-list but that whore really needs a slap on her fug face with a chair! I hate to use such a language but i´m so pissed off RN >/////<

I´m really fed up with such dumb bitches who can´t even read and don´t have any respect and manners >.<

Every normal person would understand it the frist time and not be so rude and continue with their rudeness, even after the third time you told her niceley to let it be! I can´t even write her coz she dosen´t have even a ask box and she just ignores my messages through the reblogs of the post where she messed up everything. I´m sure that bitch dosen´t have any friends and for sure more ppl. complained against her. LOL and the best is those ppl. are the ones who ask for respect for what they post coz it´s their personal blog tho the don´t respect other ppl. either. *shakes head*

And i wouldn´t be even suprised, if that bitch is the same one who send me the anon hate 2-3 weeks ago. Such sick and gutsless ppl. have only a big mouth when they can hide behind ugly anon masks (those show only how really ugly not only their face is also their soul is ugly), what losers! If she had an ask box i´d tell her my opinion directly and definetly not anon. I´m not scared to tell my opinion and everyone knows that.  

Don´t mind me too much guise i just needed to vent it out.
You know if yo´re good to me i´m more than good to you but if you mess up with me, then you´ve choosen the wrong person to piss off and make your enemy.

This goes also for the other evil monster. I´ve heard she is missing me and wants my attention but sorry i´ve no time for such shit talking loser, just GTFO my fandom.

So now i feel better and again sorry to my f-list. Good night everyone.


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