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#alwaysthereforyou田口 #田口淳之介30生誕祭 I know you're honest with us but I also know there are rules that forbid you telling us the whole truth please be strong, take care of yourself, this is for sure the most difficult time for you & you're really brave I will always love and support you, your Happiness is my Happiness too. tho my selfish self needs you to stay, because you are the sun in my life. you shouldn't have (been forced to) announced it so early. it's
like I know the person I love the most in this world is going to die soon and I can't do anything to save you.
it hurts too fucking much. I'm really sorry for being like that. I hope you find a way to live both your dreams

Life goes on and I'll be okay again one day, I just needed to get his out of my chest now. I'll never forget you.

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#alwaysthereforyou田口 #田口淳之介30生誕祭 Happy 30TH Birthday Junno you sweetest of all sweet dorks. I will always love and support you no matter what you decide for your own future. Wish you all the Happiness and Love, Please stay healthy and happy. I hope you can live both your dreams, in private and work. I hope your talents and sunshine smile wont totally disapear into oblivion, the World will definetly be a much sadder place without your sweet personality and multiple talents in it. You’re born to be an entertainer, thats why I have faith in you to find a way to live both your dreams soon. Sorry for being selfish, I need my sunshine to shine on me and not fade away. I know you did more than enough and spend more than half of your life to make everyone happy and smile. You eased our troubles, gave us so much laughter and happiness, with your sunshine smiles, your sweet adrokable puns. You mellowed our hearts and souls with your beautiful voice, music and lyrics. Amazed us with your one of a kind dancing skills. Entertained us with your wonderful acting, you’re a great radio host, For me even the best, I could listen to you for hours. You’re a wonderful TV Show host too. You gave us heartattacks and nosebleeds with your ubber sexiness and handsomeness. Your cuteness made us fall in love with you over and over again and ofc.your golden always positive heart, soul and personality, your often very deep thoughts in your jwebs, your lovely advises, made us try our best to be a better and more positive person in our lifes too. I can’t thank you more than enough for giving us all those gifts for over 16 years and for always putting everyone else first and taking so often your own wishes and needs back, for loving KAT-TUN since the begging and I know you’re still and always will be loving and cheerishing your group members as friends and brothers. You are our Prince charming on a white horse and you will always be our Prince. Please take care of yourself an stay just the way you are, because in my eyes you’re perfect, even your little imperfections make you more perfect for me.  Love you from the bottom of my heart. .

I will post latter more graphics, it's the first time I'm late for his bday because something came inbetweetn in the last minute orz 
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Happy 29th Birthday Junno, wish you all the love and success in this world and may all your wishes come true. Please stay always healthy and happy! ^_^

Since the past 7 years this guy made me love him every day more and more. I wouldn't change
this guy for the world. In my eyes he is perfect just the way he is. X'D

Made some wallie to celebrate his Birthday also private besides on taguchi_love and
twitter:) and there will be some suprise gift for everyone on taguchi_love in celebration of Junno's BIthday ^_°

Wall sizes are all 1200x800

Hope to see a lot ppl. on twiiter and don't forget to trend #HBDNaiNaiNiceGuyTJ29
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Happy 29th Birthday Junno, wish you all the love and success in this world and may all your wishes come true. Please stay always healthy and happy! ^_^

Since the past 7 years this guy made me love him every day more and more. I wouldn't change
this guy for the world. In my eyes he is perfect just the way he is. X'D

Made some wallie to celebrate his Birthday also private besides on [ profile] taguchi_love and
twitter:) and there will be some suprise gift for everyone on [ profile] taguchi_love in celebration of Junno's BIthday ^_°

Wall sizes are all 1200x800

Hope to see a lot ppl. on twiiter and don't forget to trend #HBDNaiNaiNiceGuyTJ29
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Our dear fairy Hime-Uepi is officially 31 today, so wish him again a Happy Birthday and all the best in the future
hope he is a little bit nicer to his litle bro Junno now that he is older and more of an adult xD

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I know no one gonna read or react to this but  have to get it out and its okay if no one does.

All Junno lj comms. are since months/ages dead :( no one posts or shares anything abt. him anymore. so i guess its true what ppl. say Junno doesen't have any fans and this is really really sad. Don't tell me you've a lot to do in your real life coz other members fans are also busy w. real life and still manage to do regularly something for their so called ichiban or bias or the guy who they say he makes them smile. I was the last one who posted something on his coms and i  know i'm not very often here either, but that is bcoz no one cares anymore and to my posts are rarely any comments or is it bcoz its me and i'm a person who tends to tell ppl. the shocking truth that no one wants to hear. Then sorry i'm not a faker, i will always keep telling what i really think wheater you like it or not. One other thing that made me really heartbrocken is that someone went to the concerts and recorded all solos except Junno's, this isn't the first time and for sure not the last time that ppl. leave/cut him as only one out and i srsly i wonder why? I mean look at him, how can you dislike this sweet guy? A while ago i asked someone whats her problem with him and all she said was i dunno i don't like him but i dunno the reason. the best was this person always said she can't understand ppl. who love only their ichiban and she loves the whole group. *logic where are though*

Drama News:

Junno will be acting in the drama Kyou wa kaisha yasumimasu (meaning "Today is an off day"), starting October, 10pm(?) JST on NTV.

His character is Oshiro Takeshi(?), who entered the company same time as Hanae (Ayase Haruka's character). Oshiro is someone who gets easily elated by praises and flattery and he interferes with Hanae's relationships with the males.

Sorry i'm not really happy for him to be in that drama coz its again only a minor role and JE wastes his time and talent with those mini roles. But i guess we have to be lucky that we get anything at all. they even banned again his pictures on the drama charts :|
I don't want to be all to negative and try to be again tagutive now,  so congrats to Junno and hope we get to see him a bit more than just few seconds in every episode. I really admire this sweetest and strongest of all persons i know in this world coz he always keeps his positivity no matter how much bullshit he gets from every side and i really hope he always stays strong, healthy  and is happy. He deserves all happiness and love in this world coz this guy gives everyone of us a reason to smile again.

As last but not least i wanna wish our ojisan Maru again a happy belated b-day. I did this on his bday already on twitter tumblr and fb but forgot to post on lj and last week was really stressy >.< anyways wish him all the best in his life and i know Junno will always be a good friend for him ^^

so Junno grants Maru one wisch for his bday and
Maru wished Junno was his bday gift and who could blame him for this wish xD i want Junno too ^^ (lol i know i'm lame and sorry i'm not a
yaoi fan. i like when they interact with each other and show that they are actually good friends) so i think i've said enough for today
so bye bye
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i bet Junno/the other half of tomodachibu is/was the first to wish Kame a happy Bday ^_^

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Happy Birthday my Love ♥ you know i love you more than words can say
and this love for you grows every day more and more XD

here are 2 more wallies and some gimme luv gifs of this wonderful sweetheart :D

^-^ isn't he drop dead gorgeous and fierce here :D

 it's still his bday for the next 6 hrs here :)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear turtle :)

Junno wished Kame already yesterday a Happy Birthday in his Tag-Tune Radio programm. He is always the first to greet the members on their Birthdays and this time even a day too early, but i guess he had his reasons to great his tomodachibu earlier. XD Tomodachibu (JunKame) in the EXPOSE game corner is too cute with each other ne ^_^
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Happy 27th Birthday Junno ♥ my sunshine smiley Love ^_^ 

Today 27 years ago the cutest, loveliest, sexiest and most handsome and adorkable man with the most angelic and beautiful smile and laugh in the world called Taguchi Junnosuke was born. :D Thank you mama Taguchi for giving Birth and raising this amazing talented and sweetest man ever. A man with a heart and soul out of gold. A man whose precious smile never fades no matter trough how many hardships he goes trough. His sunshine smile makes us even laugh during our hard times and let's us forget our problems for a while.

Junno my love stay always the way you are and never change. I wish you all the Love and Happiness in this world and my all your wishes come trough. Please stay always happy and healty so one day we're going to celegrate even your 127th Birthday X'D I know you are very excited about your first lead role in a Stage show, i'm holding all my thumbs up for you and wish you all the sucsess in this world.

No words in this world can describe how much i love you and no matter what i will always and forever love and support you! ^_^

100807 KAT TUN WORLD BIG TOUR 2010 LIVE IN SEOUL Smile (Junno ver.)

I made some gifs and Birthday greetings for my smiley sweetheart and ended up making alone from his Finale Performance over 200 gifs X'D That awesome and sexy is his performance and he is so HAWT that i giffed every second of it ^^ no worries i wont upload all of them here but be warned this post is not dial up friendly and now have fun with this amazing sweetheart :D

27 gifs (plus one or two bonuses xD) for my today 27 years young sweetheart :D one for each living year he graces and makes this world more beutiful :)

Isn't he just "UNF" :P

Birthday greeting gifs  )

Now to the FINALE gifs ♥ 

click for more Junno love ^_^ ♥ )

Awesomeness!! :D 

click for more Junno Awesomeness ☻ )

Now to the HOTNESS *major nosebleed alarm* XD

click for more HOTENESS and SEXINESS (warning majornosebleed alarm :D ) )

In this is just the beginning :D Junno's Birthday week just started ^__° 
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Happy Birthday to our dear Joker :D

135210581723774 20121026 KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru! 6
13520594428817  20121026 KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru! 5

Junno's smile is just precious XD Love my sweetest smiley man so much ^.^

13520764373166 20121026 KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru! 4

Junki is having fun especially Junno ♥ and Kame looks somewhat jealous at them ^^
and in 24 days Junno darlings birthday is comming :D
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sorry i didn't forgot you i just forgot to post this here XD

Seems Uepi didn't liked the gift he got from KAT-TUN *jk* xD

And again sorry but can we speak about this damn sexy man here! :D *drools*

UNF. Junno you damn sexy beast, why are you teasing me like that. Let me be your
lolipop bb X´DD *pure sex and seduction* 


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#KATTUN6th Happy 6th Anniversary since Debut to my KAT-TUN boys especially to Junno my sunshine smiling sweetheart (。♥‿♥。)  Thanks for bringing wonderful music, laughter, fun and wonderful fellow KAT-TUN fans/friends into my fangirl life X´D

I will always support you guys and Junno will always have a special place in my heart ^.^
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Juno would say Happy Birthday Kazuya XD please take care of yourself and stay healthy and don´t be mean to my sweetheart Junno xD

(this gif dosen´t even work on lj *sobs* Guess which animal is who! xD)

On another note the stupid editors made Junno 3 years older here and wrote 82.11.29 instead 85.11.29. >.< He looks waay to cute like a sweet little chibi XD and that most beautiful and sweetest smile of his *melts* I could squish him so much right now. On the other side if Junno were the oldest, the other members had to listen to him and not bully him but even though Maru is the oldest they still bully him. lol So i´m glad Junno is the second youngest in the group though he looks the youngest. It seems time stood still for him ^_^ my always sweet 16 Junno darling <3 xDD

I´m freezing here >.< I need Junno <3 to warm me up and cuddle me into his warm sweater. lol i always love Junno´s sweaters they look so damn fine on him and  so warm and fluffy XD. Going to sleep now and squish my pillow thinking of Junno maybe then i get warmer xD 

P.S. Sorry Kazu this got more an Junno than a B-Day post for you but you know i just love love love this guy waay too much, you´ll be always my fave turtle xD
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Otanyoubi omedettou der Nakamaru-kun (Junno is the only one who calls him like that and he is soo cute when he does it ^^)


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