Nov. 28th, 2015

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#alwaysthereforyou田口 #田口淳之介30生誕祭 Happy 30TH Birthday Junno you sweetest of all sweet dorks. I will always love and support you no matter what you decide for your own future. Wish you all the Happiness and Love, Please stay healthy and happy. I hope you can live both your dreams, in private and work. I hope your talents and sunshine smile wont totally disapear into oblivion, the World will definetly be a much sadder place without your sweet personality and multiple talents in it. You’re born to be an entertainer, thats why I have faith in you to find a way to live both your dreams soon. Sorry for being selfish, I need my sunshine to shine on me and not fade away. I know you did more than enough and spend more than half of your life to make everyone happy and smile. You eased our troubles, gave us so much laughter and happiness, with your sunshine smiles, your sweet adrokable puns. You mellowed our hearts and souls with your beautiful voice, music and lyrics. Amazed us with your one of a kind dancing skills. Entertained us with your wonderful acting, you’re a great radio host, For me even the best, I could listen to you for hours. You’re a wonderful TV Show host too. You gave us heartattacks and nosebleeds with your ubber sexiness and handsomeness. Your cuteness made us fall in love with you over and over again and ofc.your golden always positive heart, soul and personality, your often very deep thoughts in your jwebs, your lovely advises, made us try our best to be a better and more positive person in our lifes too. I can’t thank you more than enough for giving us all those gifts for over 16 years and for always putting everyone else first and taking so often your own wishes and needs back, for loving KAT-TUN since the begging and I know you’re still and always will be loving and cheerishing your group members as friends and brothers. You are our Prince charming on a white horse and you will always be our Prince. Please take care of yourself an stay just the way you are, because in my eyes you’re perfect, even your little imperfections make you more perfect for me.  Love you from the bottom of my heart. .

I will post latter more graphics, it's the first time I'm late for his bday because something came inbetweetn in the last minute orz 


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