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Hope someone is willing to translate the whole interview. I really want to know what he is saying and i´m sure i´m not the only one. ^_^

(c) yamaharuxx

Love that smiley sweethert so much ^.^  *squishes him*

And don´t miss to watch "Legal High" today!! :D (one hour to go)
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Today on the 29. November 25 , years ago a man was born named
JunnosukeTaguchi. A man who could make one feel better no
matter what happend bevor just by flashing a Smile.
A Smile thats one of his kind, warm as the Sun and
beautifull as the Nature. A very handsome man with many tallents
and interests a very unique and lovable Person. There is not
enough words that can discribe how awesome he is. I´m  glad
and very happy to be one of the ppl. who discovered that 
awesomeness that is Taguchi Junnosuke. ^^

Happy 25 th Birthday beloved Junno!!

He might not be perfect but i just love him  the way he is <333

I made 25 random Wallpapers in the format 1024 X 768  for Junno´s
Birthday and hope you guys like them just as much i enjoyed making them. <333

 Happy 25 th Birthday Junno ^^


just lovely


isn´t he desireable here :))

 the double hot look <3

Mr. englishman lol

looks like an english Prince ne ^^

blue and red

sweet like chocolate <3

once more fierce and hot

he is the silver Moon

i just love this one that i have no words for it <333

a look that sends a thunder trough yor spine

hot in blond just like summer

that Smile i love soo much

sweest Smile

Junno´s toungue O__O

Mr. lovable <3333333





sleeping Prince


WoW Junno!!!

Comments are very loved <333

recorces for scans: JOR

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Hi everyone, i made some Change your World Junno Walls ^^
I´m still not good at it but i did my best and hope you  like them XD
So here there are trying to spread a bit of Junno Love <333

This looks like Junno is sleeping XD
1024 X 768

CUW Kung Fu Junno lol
1024 X 768

Junno changes your World :))
1024 X 768

what is better than one Junno --> 4 of his kind or Junno for everyone
1024 X 768

he surely changed my World
1024 X 768

hope yours too :-))
1024 X 768

again Junno for everyone but me want all of them hehe
1024 X 768 

i see a light

1024 X 768

Fierce Watterman ^^
1024 X 768

1024 X 768

Cool Watterman XD

2100 X 1400 

Fear --> the Dragon looks dangerous
1024 X 768

Junno´ s Faces 8D

 1024 X 768

JunJun <3 i must admit this looks a bit scary
1024 X 768


I hope i could spread a little bit of Junno Love <3 and don´t mind my stupid comments
but yours are very welcomed XDDD



Part of the "Spread the Junno Love" fan-project ([ profile] taguchi_love )

P.S. i changed the Walls a little bit and hope the Dragon one is better now ^^
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Hi everyone its the first time i made some Junno Walls hope you
 like them 8DD




I am an bloody beginner they are not perfect at all but somehowe i like them ^^
and i really should learn how to make a lj cut thats why i only post 5 for now
there are more to come :-))

Comments are loved <3

credits scans: j-one

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I thought i Post a litle Junno picspam of some of my favorite Junno
pics/shots to spread a little bit of Junno Love  ^^ 

Here we go with smexy Junno o__o


sooo handsome  and  fierce *melting*


sad looking Junno *wanna hug him*


lovely smiling part 1


lovely smiling part 2


soooooo cuteeeeeee *squishes him*


Hot look


innocent look


bed room look  *yes Junno can do that also*


sleeping Prince *lol only pretending*


and last but not least that britest and most beautifull Smile i love soo
much ^____^

Hope you liked the litle Junno goodness and saw that
there is more to him than that goofy smiling side^^
coments are <3 spread the Junno love <333 

Credits for most of the pics goes to J-One Comm.

P.S.  Sorry to my F-List i don´t know how to make a  Lj cut m(___)m
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I´ve just read the very good news.

Junno is going to be in a Movie this Year ^________________________________^

My Smiile became just that big when i read
crystalxapple concert report.

Junno announced on the concert MC from 
6/27, that he is gonna be in a Movie
and he talked also what kind of Movie it will be, but unfortunnelly
she can´t remember the details anymore. But from the reaction of the Members
it must be something very kakkoii.

Let´s cross our fingers that it isn´t  one of Junnos Jokes like last year when he
lied and said he will be in a Drama named something something, but then when he annaunced that he will be in Kochikame no
one believed it first and ecpecially Jin thought hes making a Joke again. . *Oh Junno you just can´t lie*

I hope its a Action Movie , Junno looked damn sexy as a Samurai. ^^

crystalxapple said it will be officially annauced sometime soon.
I really hope its true.

Comments are loved <333  -  What are your thoughts about this News and in
which kind of Movie do you wanna see Junno!? 8DDD

I guess one of my wishes for this year will come true.
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Hi i found a fan cam of Junno and Tatchan
those two were the cutest.
Only Junno managerd to wink properly <33333
Junno is just drool worthy 8DDDD

check it out

here some Junno screen shoots ^^

have fun XDDD

gotta love this smooching Guy ne ^^
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Junno made it to the Semi-Finale in the Asian talents Batlle.
He has now to battle against Yamapi and till yesterday Junno was in the
lead by over 480 votes but today there were so many votes gone and someone
wrote that her account was suddenly gone. I guess someone dosen´t want
Junno to win. Therefore please all Junno and KAT-TUN 
fans go to and vote for Junno.  m(__-__)m
so there is atleast one KAT-TUN Member in the finals.

This is so unfair i just checked the votings for Yamapi and there are so
many nicks wich are simmilar so i think they really make their
say and registered another account and voted for Yamapi again ;(

Please vote for our Junno!!!!
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I love Junnos new Solo Love Music <3 
Junno said that he also wrote the lyrics for
the song ^^

I think thats amazing that he started to
write his own lyrics and that he also tries to sing
the Song in a higher voice
it sounds really lovely <3

I found a short Fancam and a Audio-rip of his Solo
Check it out yo!!!!!!

what do you all think of his Solo!? XD 

Btw. Junno reached the Semi-Finals in the Asian talent
Battle!! But he has to Battle now against Yamapi, so we have to
support our Junno further <333

Ganbatte Junno you can do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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here are some Junno Screenshots my planned Junno
pic spam will take a while unfortunelly i had a computer
crash few days ago and everything got lost :(


I loved this obsesed face of him making Soba lol

He was soo cute during the Battle with Uepi ^^


No Junno please don´t drink poison we all love you
for beeing the way you are <333



Junno: Yaayy i´m so happy you all love me ^^


and yay again ^^

 Love this innocent Face of his here :-))

so concertrated XD

Comments are <333
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Hi everyone, there is apparently a Poll/Battle on going on
and Junno has to Battle against Oguri Shun
Junno is the last KAT-TUN Member on this
Competition :))

Well it dosen´t look good for Junno Shun is a
very strong opponent though if we all support
Junno and he wins this round he will be in
the halffinale.Wouldn´t it be great.
So all of you who read this
please Vote for our Dear Junno XDD
and show him some Love

Here is the Link

Junno says Thank you by giving you all his sweetest Smile

Comments or any kind of Feedback is loved <333

P.S. you have to be an registered User to be able to Vote XD
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I´m kind of bored i thought i make also a JE Meme but it turned out to be more like a
only KAT-TUN meme lol

1. The character I first fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer
6. The character I would shag anytime
7. The character I'd want to be like
8. The character I'd slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise
11. Favorite character
12. My five favorite characters
13. My five least favorite characters
14. Which character I am most like
15. My deep, dark fandom secret


  1. The character I first fell in love with : Taguchi

  2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now : Taguchi i never really was
      a big Fan of someone bevor or wait only once but that had nothing to do with JE or Japan
      at all

  3. The character everyone else loves that I don't : Kame, Jin (i don´t hate them is just that
      i don´t go gaga over them even if i would meet them in private)
  4. The character I love that everyone else hates : Junno i think though i can´t understand why 
      anyone could hate this adorable cutie

  5. The character I used to love but don't any longer: Jin idk he got so sloppy. please cut your
      Hair and shave that beared or what should that be

  6. The character I would shag anytime: Junno :D, he is tall, handsome, sexy, cute, innocent
      very faithfull, talented and has the most wonderfull Smile in world isn´t  that reason enough

  7. The character I'd want to be like : Kame (Famous, Rich no i´m just kiding) 
      Junno (he has a good Heart)

  8. The character I'd slap : Koki for kiking my poor Junno (but not really i guess Junno
      needs sometimes a kick in the cute butt, Ueda he is sometimes really rude, Jin just
      to keep him stay awake lol 

  9. A pairing that I love : JINNO actually everything with Junno

10. A pairing that I despise : None

11. Favorite character : Junno i love this guy he is my absolute number one and will always be

12. My five favorite characters : 1. Junno, 2, Kame, Jin, Koki, Maru, Ueda

13. My five least favorite characters: Kame, Jin, Koki, Maru, Ueda lol

14. Which character I am most like: Kame (behaves most of the time very adult like,
      is proffesional and hardworking,  Junno (i´m also lefthanded and ppl. think im nice,
      caring, funny, i like to laugh a lot just like Junno)

15. My deep, dark fandom secret: I´m not really a great J-Music Fan gets bricked xD  
      but i like some KT Songs like Keep the Faith, Precious one, Wind, Sheishin,
      Distance etc. pp...oh i gues there are more Songs than only some that i love 8D

Thats it for now :)) i if someone going to read this i would be very happy i you drop a comment! ^^

P.S. The Meme is not created by me idk who made this XD 


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