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Congratulations to your Debut as Solo Artist. I am really happy that you
follow your dreams and made this decision to Debut as solo artist.
Absolutely Welcome back and thank you a lot for bringing us your wonderful voice,
sunshine and happiness with your lovely music.
I love HERO and all the B-Sides too. I especially love the acoustic guitar version
and Follow. I will and Top-Line are great songs that make me dance even in my chair. ^^
I'm looking forward to hear more R&B flavored Songs from you in the
future. I hope soon we can see you in a Music Video too. We/I really miss
seeing you in motion. Hope really that you get the chance to act again TV-Dramas.
You are a great multi-talented actor. I know I am greedy but I really missed you, so
if you can and want it too, just take one step after another.
I'll be waiting to see you on my screen again.
You have fans from all over the world, we may not be that many but we all support
you from the bottom of our hearts. I am your fan since more than 9 years now.
going soon into the 10th year. I'll be always supporting and loving you.
You are the only artist who could make a fan-girl out of me. ^^°°
I love your sunshine personality. You are the only person who can make me smile
again even when I'm really sad. I'm  so thankful that you exist, you make
the world a much sunnier and happier place. Please always stay true to yourself. I know
you went trough a lot in the past years and not everything was really sunny for you
so I'm absolutely glad that you stayed strong. Hope and wish you that the sun will always
shine for you especially when your're
"goin’ to the next level 目指してく Everyday, everyday" and I will also
"goin’ to the next level 手に入れる Everyday, everywhere"
with you!
Even if it's from a far, remember there will be always a fan who
loves you dearly and supports you in every decision you make for yourself. ^^
Last but not least congrats to your number one in the oricon weekly
independent artist charts. That is really a great achievement, given that you
achieved it without any promotions and publicity, it's just awesome and we all/
your fans are so happy about it. Wish you all the love, happiness
and success in this world. May all your wishes and dreams come true.
Please stay always happy and healthy,
Happy Birthday again, you are 31 years young and can make all your
dreams come true. The world is yours. I have faith in you. ^_^
(Hope one day international fans can also join your
Fan Club, but I'm sure you're already working on that too. ^_^)
Lots of Love

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To everyone who is interested, here are the tags for Junno's Birthday!


Hope a lot ppl. wish him Happy Birthday from midnight on, on twitter!! :D (JST time)

Also here is Junno while he was in Germany/Mainz a few weeks ago.
They are watching KT's Kiss 3 performance on TV ^^
His friend is talking about him in his blog

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I actually didn’t wanted to comment on the too harsh negativity that is going on coz it’s sadly useless to talk to negative ppl. who see only one side of the story, Ppl. who give their fave the benefit of doubt even if he says one thing and does the opposite of it, ppl. who judge others who think otherwise, who judge ppl. for doing the same thing as them actually. Ppl. who have this I am allowed to do it but you’re not mentality, but well here are my two sents to it. And please don’t get me wrong I understand your disapointment and anger to some point too but whats happening is not human anymore. Actually it’s since long not human anymore.

Use your time wisely with things you love and things that bring joy to your life. Life is too short to waste it with things you dislike for whatever “reason” you think you have. Don’t be a tinhead your whole life! You’re betraying yourself when you always blame others for your own decisions, when you make assumptions and jump into conclusions without knowing anything at all. You’re betraying yourself when you think an Idol owes you anything at all just because you bought his groups goods and went to their concerts. Everything you did you did from a free will. No one held a gun up your head, it was solely your choice, so don’t blame others for your own choices! An Idol sells an Image and not his 100% real self! Everyone knows that or it should be common sense actually. Even your favorite isn’t 100 % honest with you and definetly not free from fault.They are just humans after all, humans with own wishes and needs. I’m not appologising for what he did, because there is nothing to appologise for in the first place. He made a decision for his own life and he has all the right to do so. You don’t know if it wasn’t the only choice he had and sadly at that bad point of time as to do what he did. He isn’t a reckless person. There are a lot of things going on behind the curtains that we will never know. Things that can’t be spoken out loudly, things that wont just affect him but also make others maybe even your faves look bad. Knowingly that a shitstorm of hate will come his way (don’t think he is that K.Y or at all K.Y.) he went out there and took all the resposibiliy solely on his own shoulders. If he was really just a selfish person he wouldn’t have done this. A selfish person always chooses the easiest way for themself. Showbiz/Idols sell dreams and not the reality, cause if we are honest we want to be lied to, we want to see only the sparcles and not some sad reality. Thats why show biz exists thats how show biz works. It’s always been shady and secretive. And sadly sometimes innocent ppl. will be sacrificed so more powerful ppl.wont be exposed. Call me delusional i don’t care, I still believe Junno was the most genuine out of them, even the members who never left a chance to make fun of him or expose his faults said that he is a genuine also a blunt person. He isn’t a fake person and his feelings and love to KT were genuine *agree to disagree*..

All four went through a lot in the past year and not just 3nin, everyone tries his best to move on and concentrates on their solo careers. Thats a decision they made for themselfs too! Not just Junno! Kame, Ueda and Maru did that too! Fans should stop dwelling on their negativity/hate and try to move on too. It’s sad that KT as group is on hiatus but Kame, Ueda and Maru aren’t out of this world. Things can only get better for them from now on. As for Junno you don’t have to like him or support him, no one forces you to do so. Just leave him alone and use your time for things you love! Do yourself that favor! Trashing him over and over again and wishing him evil doesen’t make you a good person at all!

I’m happy that he is back in show biz and didn’t give up. I’ll 100% support him in his future career and wish him all the love and sucsess in this world. I wish also 3nin and Jin and Koki a sucsessful career and a happy life too. I just hope that there are ppl. in this fandom who didn’t forget that Junno gave us 17 years full of laughter and happiness and that he dedicated 15 years of his life to KT and worked his ass of as a member. I hope that those ppl. keep supporting him too and thankfully a lot of ppl. are reasonable and considerate of everything and aren’t just blindly hating like some do. .

I’m not going to engage into discussions, it’ll be a waste of time with some ppl. anyways. Thanks, bye!

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17yrs ago (16.5.1999) Junno entered the Jimusho, thanks for the past 17yrs hope to see you back on stage again soon! You belong to the ent. world! #田口淳之介入所記念日 <3
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Some ppl. in this fandom make me seriously puke!! >.<
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Junno's "Ureshiii fuuuu" was so cute *squishes him* Him fighting his tears back and appologising the whole time was heartbreaking. ;_; You don't need to appologise for your birthday or for what happens behind your back. No one has eyes on his back. >.<  it was a cute bday suprise from the guys, the 30th bday is something special after all. Satomi-sans message for Junno was very lovely, he is like a grandpa for him XD Razor Ramons bday gift for Junno was really cool and mind yourself, he is a guy who met Junno for the first time and prob, also for the last time. So if a stranger makes such an effort and gives you such an awesome bday gift, why isn't it normal or more like it should be normal for those ppl. who you love and love you in "return" to do that for you too. That said, no (warning: there are so many mixed emotions and i need to get a lot of things out of my system) I don't think the guys really overdone themself for this "suprise" or more like yes they overdone themselfs for the cameras, *agree to disagree* it leaves actually a very bitter after taste when you know what happened recently and all those years before. Also sadly most ppl. do only then something when it's kind of too late, when we know we lost something very precious. If we appreaciated this gift from the beginning we wouldn't have lost it in th first place! This goes for everyone not just the members also the fans, agency, society in generell. It's just something ppl. should think about! I've read really a lot of bullshit in the past 3 weeks and some ppl. comments yesterday shoot off the bird again. >.<   And thanks to those ppl. my tollerance limit is very low and mostlikely wont rise again. And please, I don't need stubborn ppls. nonappologies either. Ppl. who definetly need to take their broom out of their asses and while they're already at it their heads too. I know I'm not a perfect human being either, no one is, but at least I never make/made "jokes" that go far under the belt. Things like wishing him dead and to suffer and fuck up badly. I already unfollowed a KT comm. where the bitchiest fans gathred including the admin there, I wont tollerate any passive agressive bullshit either anymore. Like cutting him out of 4 nin pics or when posting in kt order and then post K U N then T, If it hapens once okay its maybe a mistake but if you do it over and over again and even if you might not say anything but you're giving already an statement with that and it's definetly not a positive Statement! So ppl. who do that shouldn't be suprised that they aren't on any of my f-lists or t-lists anymore,  Sure ppl. will mostlikely disagree with me and aren't obliged to please me same goes for me, I can't and I don't have to please everyone either. As I said thanks to those ppl. who take every little shit as reason to spread hate my tollerance limit is very low now, I'm not M enough to just shrug that off and keep letting those things roll over me. My guess is Junno's tollerance limit, even though he is a person with a sheer endless tollerance limit (endless positivity), is reached too. Ppl. should be aware that not his mind needs to be changed, many other things needed to be changed in the first place and that ages ago. As that wont probably ever happen, this is the situation we have to face now. You just can't repair a glass anymore that is smashed into thousands of pieces and that not only once. I'm posting this on my private tl's, if someone reads it and doesen't like what I wrote, it's your problem so please keep your negativity for yourself, I'm not interessted in it. I cared too much for too long and yes that was my mistake but I'm working on that. The only ppl. I care now is my familly and yes Junno belongs to my familly too, my real friends ( they might be just a few but at least i have those, some ppl. don't have any friends at all besides being surounded from so called "friends") and ofc. myself. In the very end everyones biggest priority is their own interessts and well being, everyone who says that isn't so is a shameless liar.    End of rant. I know that wont be my last rant tho xD what should I say I'm just a human ;-)

*don't touch me*
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#alwaysthereforyou田口 I always said Junno one day you're going to kill me, I fear the day has come, maybe for the second time now. I wisched I could tell you how thankful I am to you. I might not be able to say anything latter. You saved my live so many times, you gave me so much love, happiness and laughter, Somehow you made my life so much better and gave me strength to face all odds and hardships in my life. You made me love you more and more everyday in the past 8 years. You thought me to be a better person with your never faltering optimism and your endless love for the mebers, the fans and every little thing around you, You're the person who is always in my heart and thoughts. You're my love, my familly, my angel. You're my sun and I can't live w.o my sun in my life, but I want you to be Happy and make all your dreams come true because your Happiness is my Happiness too. Thank you so much for all those precious gifts! I'll love you forever and will cheerish all the moments I had and will get from you till the very end! Be strong and take care of your health please! I will always stand behind you! If I could turn back time, believe me, I'd choose you over and over again! There is no regrets, my heart made the right desicion and I believe you made the right decision for you too.I feel deep in my heart you know how precious you are to me/us and cheerish and hold dear my/our feelings for you and love us just as much too.
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#alwaysthereforyou田口 #田口淳之介30生誕祭 I know you're honest with us but I also know there are rules that forbid you telling us the whole truth please be strong, take care of yourself, this is for sure the most difficult time for you & you're really brave I will always love and support you, your Happiness is my Happiness too. tho my selfish self needs you to stay, because you are the sun in my life. you shouldn't have (been forced to) announced it so early. it's
like I know the person I love the most in this world is going to die soon and I can't do anything to save you.
it hurts too fucking much. I'm really sorry for being like that. I hope you find a way to live both your dreams

Life goes on and I'll be okay again one day, I just needed to get his out of my chest now. I'll never forget you.

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#alwaysthereforyou田口 #田口淳之介30生誕祭 Happy 30TH Birthday Junno you sweetest of all sweet dorks. I will always love and support you no matter what you decide for your own future. Wish you all the Happiness and Love, Please stay healthy and happy. I hope you can live both your dreams, in private and work. I hope your talents and sunshine smile wont totally disapear into oblivion, the World will definetly be a much sadder place without your sweet personality and multiple talents in it. You’re born to be an entertainer, thats why I have faith in you to find a way to live both your dreams soon. Sorry for being selfish, I need my sunshine to shine on me and not fade away. I know you did more than enough and spend more than half of your life to make everyone happy and smile. You eased our troubles, gave us so much laughter and happiness, with your sunshine smiles, your sweet adrokable puns. You mellowed our hearts and souls with your beautiful voice, music and lyrics. Amazed us with your one of a kind dancing skills. Entertained us with your wonderful acting, you’re a great radio host, For me even the best, I could listen to you for hours. You’re a wonderful TV Show host too. You gave us heartattacks and nosebleeds with your ubber sexiness and handsomeness. Your cuteness made us fall in love with you over and over again and ofc.your golden always positive heart, soul and personality, your often very deep thoughts in your jwebs, your lovely advises, made us try our best to be a better and more positive person in our lifes too. I can’t thank you more than enough for giving us all those gifts for over 16 years and for always putting everyone else first and taking so often your own wishes and needs back, for loving KAT-TUN since the begging and I know you’re still and always will be loving and cheerishing your group members as friends and brothers. You are our Prince charming on a white horse and you will always be our Prince. Please take care of yourself an stay just the way you are, because in my eyes you’re perfect, even your little imperfections make you more perfect for me.  Love you from the bottom of my heart. .

I will post latter more graphics, it's the first time I'm late for his bday because something came inbetweetn in the last minute orz 
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Yesterday a part of me died, but I will always love and support Junno. He wouldn't have gone this way, if he really had another choice! Thats something we all got to be aware of, please! His heart bleeds and hurts as much as Kame's, Ueda's, Maru's and all Hyphens haerts too. He said he will give his best as a KAT-TUN Member till the very last day. I trully believe him that he will do so. I hope all hyphens will keep supporting him in the way they support Kame, Ueda and Maru too. As a Junno fan I want to enjoy fandom till his very last day and after that too. Hope Hyphens don't make it difficult for us Junno fans and for Junno himself to do that, cause we too and Junno love KAT-TUN the same. I've read too many negative comments against him, that really got into me and made me heartbroken and cry. I'm very thankful and deeply appreciate all supportive comments towards Junno and myself, which I got in the past hours from my fandom friends and even ppl. I didn't know before.*hugs you all* I don't know what will happen in the future, no one knows that, but I want to think positively and hope everything turns good for all of us. I just hope he doesen't disappear totally from the public eye.That would really kill me. The past two sentences sounded very selfish right! Junno is blamed to be selfish too, just no one sees that we are all selfish in one way or the other too, therefore please don't grudge someone something you're doing or are being yourself too. Junno is still there for us, therefore please let us be there for Junno, the same way as for Kame, Ueda and Maru. Please don't strike/edit him out from group pics, wiki's and more importantly don't strike him out from your hearts and lifes! Sunday will be his 30th Birthday, I hope we can show him at least one last time how thankful we are and how much we appreciate him for the past 14 years being a precious and very Important KAT-TUN Member, who did everything to give us so much Happiness, Smiles, Love and Nosebleeds too, since he entered the Jimusho in Mai 1999. He often not to say mostly took his own wishes and needs back for the sake of the Group. We all know that. There is no need for big graphics or therelike just a little "thank you Junno" says more than anything else imo. I suggest we take that as hashtag, if you guys don't mind.
As last but not least I myself wanna thank him, I know those wont be my last words or thank you words to him. Cause I can never forget the guy who gave me so much Love in Return without even knowing me and yes I can't believe myself I'm saying that from a person I never met myself and most likely will never meet him either, but it's just the truth. Thats the Impact Junno has and the Person Junno is. He is KT's and ours mood maker. I call him our Happy pill cause he makes us smile again when we're down. I my case he is the reason why I became a KAT-TUN fan in the first place and started to love their Music. I didn't know anything about them or Johnny's at all and I would've never If it wasn't for Junno.  
So therefore thank you Junno <3 for all the love you gave us/me! I love you from the bottom of my Heart. Nothing will or can ever change that. You will always have that special place in my heart. Please be happy and healthy and pursue your own dreams. Please never change, because in my eyes you're just perfect the way you are! You were and always are my sunshine smiling angel, who always made my day even in the darkest hours. I can't thank you enough for all the happiness and smiles you gave me.
Sorry this got so long, please bear with me, it took all my courage to write this down. m(_ _)m
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it's just a very rough translation/interpratation xD with the help of google (TY google) of an chinese Translation (thanks to the chinese transator)

Edit: its just a summary but I tried to be as much near to the chinese trans. as possible. It's not definetly accurate as I am no way a translator, so don't trust it!! ^^ I feel the need to mention it again. I did this for myself not to act like a translator here!!

Junno about himself

He talks how he watched and admired SMAP and that they were the reason why he applied as Johnny's, but 2 years went by and no answer came, the answer came only after his mom contacted the Jimusho. He talks about the first thing he did as Johnny's is going to shibuya with Kawai (not at all sure about this tho)
The first job as a Johnny's was a mag shoot. He always loved to dance so he felt happy to be a Junnior. Other Junniors told him he belongs to the elite (he laughs while talking about that XD *hugs him*) MC'ing with Hasegawa Jun, appearing on MS and such jobs, then his parents got a call that he got a drama role (guess it weas the (school drama w. Higashi and Taichi, his first role grin emoticon forgot the full title of the drama) He joined the Jimushe in 1999, KT was formed 2001, then came Schock and his bad knee injury, KT's debut was his turning point. He suffered a lot but he never thought of giving up *hugs* the members visited him in the hospital, that made him happy. ;_; they got lots of work. which he really enjoyed doing. A while ago Tagtune has ended and he got a lot response form his listeners that its a pity that the programm has to end. Being Mr. Tagutive himself, he'll give his best in the future too *love this man so much*

about 田口淳之介
进入事务所的契机是,小学6年级看了『SMAP×SMAP』然后递了履历书。看了SMAP餐厅和小短剧,觉得这是一个很有趣的世界。但是当时并没有等到消息,接受面试的时候已经是了初二。其实是因为妈妈去问了事务所履历书的事情,那边才联系了我,这也是这两年才知道的事(笑)。面试的时候,好像是和河合郁人一起。我完全不记得了,是河合告诉我的。那时候第一次被大哥带着去了涩谷。之后去上课呀,去拍杂志照片呀,一开始什么都觉得新鲜。本来我就很喜欢跳舞,所以觉得Jr.的活动特别开心。成员们也都这么说,说我属于精英队伍(笑)。裸少上,和风间还有长谷川纯一起做了MC。我们几个还一起作为Jr.上了MS。记得那时候唱了岚的『君のために僕がいる』。还有,休学旅行的时候接到父母电话,说「明天好像有电视剧拍摄,剧本送到了」。然后马上赶回去,第二天就去了『怖い日曜日』节目的拍摄。作为前辈的伴舞参加演唱会tour也非常开心。1999年入社,2001年KAT-TUN结成。最初想着「是个期间限定的组合吧」,结果后来竟然出演了光一君的『SHOCK』。举办了单独live以后,想法就变了。和成员们的距离也近了,出道前还做了东名阪tour,还上了很多节目。中途因为使用过度脚痛,不得不休息了半年,十分受打击,但是成员们都有来看我...之后作为KAT-TUN出道,对我来说是一个很大的转机。虽然遭遇了很多,但是没有想过放弃不干了。现在能接到很多工作,每天都过得不一样,很享受地在工作着。前段时间『TAG-TUNE DRIVING』也结束了,据说很多听众都来信说「结束了好寂寞」。能够做出这么一档让大家觉得结束了很可惜的节目,真的好幸福。之后,我也会像以前一样,不管什么工作都开开心心地加油做好。

In Duets "whats up?" corner. Junno talks about australia, that its beatiful n scary in the same (well kinda, it's only a google translation from a chinese translation actually only a little summary orz, hope someone really translates his lates interviews atleast) he saw sharks, dolphins n whales
waht's up?


Junno about Kame (Duet 12)

lol I dunno if I get this right! Kame showed Junno the dance routine to Can Do! Can Go! or was it otherwise? well I kinda believe it was other wise xD and he talks about Kame's amazing baseball pitcher skills also that they made the Osaka Koshien (that was the volley ball thing) KT was the repesentatives of the Japanese Players, this was also when the song "Gold" came out. Shortly said: Kame showed early leader qualities though he sometimes took the leader thing too serious (it's what I get from what Junno says) and is a very dependable person. If there was anything that troubled Junno, Kame would also come and listen to his troubles. Kame's presence is very important and also because of his lead KAT-TUN is still going strong. Junno is thankful for that. [then again I really do hope someone can translate all this properly! It's just a summary!*pwease*)

about 龟梨和也
Jr.时期对kame的最初印象是,他教我舞蹈动作了。是『Can do!Can go!』,当时他教得可烂了!(笑)后来一起进了叫J2000的棒球队,参加了比赛。当时他作为投手出场,觉得这人「打棒球好厉害」。东蛋,阪蛋,甲子园...到各种地方参加了比赛,觉得他站上投手板后应该背负了很大的压力吧。当时为了比赛大家都在一起练习,非常开心。和kame一起在『ひらめ筋GOLD』这个节目里打了排球。还是Jr.的时候,我们俩作为KAT-TUN代表出场了。那个时候kame就已经是大家的队长了。kame有领队风范,对待后辈的方式也比常人要认真一倍。感觉kame从Jr.时代开始就夹在前辈和后辈的中间了。尊敬前辈,照顾后辈。我也是,Jr.时期在tour的酒店里和他商谈烦恼。果然Jr.的大家都处于青春期,哪怕是一点点小事也会感到烦恼。那时,kame主动过来倾听了我的烦恼。他是一个能照顾身边人,很有潜力的人。KAT-TUN某些部分也是因为有kame在所以被整合起来,是个可以依靠的人。「KAT-TUN的话果然kame的存在很重要」。kame又聪明,想法也很超前。因为他的带动,才有今天的KAT-TUN,应该很辛苦吧,今后希望也能够继续加油。

Junno about Uepi (Duet 12)

His first impression about 上p blond, straight, uniform (laughs)
The first time they went out they went into a game center with Maru. The relationship between their generations was good and not very strickt. (as is I'm older and your senpai so respect me, there was no such thing between them xD) Junno gave Ueda the nickname UeP and he is the only one who can call him that xD Junno kept talking back then with Ueda about his troubles in life and Ueda would listen and give advise. Ueda is a stern person, he started boxing and is still doing it after so many years, so his body is very strong. Also because of this Ppl. might be scared of him, but there is no worry, he is quite okay according to Junno (lol sorry Junno I still think Ueda is scary and should get a grip of himself sometimes, it's just my opinion tho and ofc Junno would never say something bad about anoyone xD lol okay for the record, I don't have anything against Ueda, sorry not sorry that I don't condone violence in generell and don't see this thing through lovey dovey rosared glasses, thats the only thing that disturbs me in him and I want him to work on it. Does that make me a hater? Well think whatever you want, I don't really care anymore, but trully if you really like/love this guy you should want him to work on his aggressive outbreaks too, Thats again just my opinion, so agree to disagree.. *peace*)
Resently since they've been to Okinawa (SCP Adult trip) they started having more contact again and going out for meals. (and again wish someone traslates this properly xD)

about 上田龙也

Junno about Maru (Duet 12)

Junno and Maru went the first time to Hawaii for a mag shoot. Junno was only 2-3 months a Johnny's Jr., when Johnny san told him "YOU bring your passport" (lol) For Junno that was the very first time he went abroad and the first time he was on a plane. Junno, Maru, some Kanto Kansai Juniors and Uchi Hiroki flew off to Hawaii for the shoot.
He was 14 years old and Maru was 16. Junno remebers, he and maru played the game for two (whatever that means xD but its not what you guys might think! *nana*) He and Maru had a good relationship. They went to school and after school they went to the shibuya arcades to play a fighting game. After KAT-TUN was formed they went privately to Hawaii and they rented a convertible car and drove around Diamond Hill, where it happens that a Parachute jump was offered. Ofc. Maru said NO because of his acrophobia, so Junno did the Parachute jump all alone xD Junno knows Maru the longest and there are no concearns with him. So Junno sees Maru truly as a older brother. XD Maru is also a my pace person and his MC*s skills are constantly evolving. Junno hopes that in the future Maru's MC's will be loved (?) Also they have a broadcast as radio hosts together (gatsun) please take care of us (?) (finito grin emoticon I did this for my understanding and even though I keep repeating myself. I hope someone translates it properly ^^'' If I have to summarise what he said about his band mates in a word for each member than it's brother, friend. leader xD iijo desu )

about 中丸雄一

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thats what happens when I start making gifs again, can't stop playing around xD
but well Junno is a great not to say asdfsfdfg awesome muse too XD 
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A little Tagumaru spam ^^ to celebrate our Ojimaru's bday ^^ wish him all the best for the future
and many bdays more XD

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Junno will be in next WU and the theme is half-elf. WU says they shot a beautiful taguchi [可爱] I imagine Junno in something like this XD *sorry I'm bad in photoshop and made this just quickly*
*wipes quickly dust out of my lj ^^'* *and I'm gone again>.<* 
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after i've seen a short part of Junno's AOL performance i can die happily xD damn that sexy MOFO, want to bite him :3

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last night i dreamed of Junno, someone said something to him and to prove that he isn't. he kissed me 3 times grin emoticon

i wonder why he kissed me and not the other girl who said he is gay and wanted to have a prove of him tho i
was just agreeing that he has to prove it.
First he kissed me close to my lips and i only said thats how wa bro would kiss his sis, then he kissed me half on the lips and i said he could do that better tho and then he looked me deep in the eyes and colonthree emoticon *faints* ... but then i woke up *sobs*
i wanted more ;-)

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Sorry this needs to be retweeted (credit @merlynpink Junno popolo7
Q: (do U have any moment) that when U are laughing but actually u r bleeding internally?
A: yes. I want to care about(c)
others' feelings, dont want to spoil the merry moment. I was always defined as a KY.but actually im a man who can read the atmosphere.(smile)

my heat bleeds i want to hug him so badly now. ;_;
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Taguchi’s thoughts after watching Robamaru mastering all those action stunts

T: It feels like you have transformed from an okama (drag queen) to a man.

N: Sou sou…OI!!

credit: darumador

Lol ojiMaru is a bit slow huh ^^ and Junno ILU!! ^.^ ♥

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Happy 16th Anniversary Junno ♥ as a Johnny’s artist, wish you all the love and susscess in your life and your career! May all your wishes come true and please stay always healthy and true to yourself.  ^_^

I will always love this guy who makes us every day smile and happy no matter what the odds are, he gives us so much love every day without asking anything in return for himself. Hope to see him this year in a drama as lead actor! He really deserves it, he works very hard as KAT-TUN member and solo Artist and is for me the loveliest, sexest, cutest, handomest sweet dork ever but most of all i love him for his kind soul and personality  :)


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