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Oh du mein süsser Spargeltarzan,alle die gegen dich jetzt hetzten können dich mal gern haben u mich gleich mit und zwar kreuzweise *ilu*

wink emoticon

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if he gets punished than only bcoz of such moron comments on the net. support him & the jimusho will not need to take any actions. *think first before you speak!*
this really pissed me off now, i didn't expected to read such nonsense from her tho.
"ok, I say. Junno you idiot. do such stupid things now? when the group is on its feet again, when no shaking..right now you lose your reputation, on which you have worked for so many years!
or things like "hating him* or *punch him* srsly only brainless ppl. say such things!
He didn't do anything wrong!  for fucks sake!! He is a human with needs who is in love and that for years not just from yesterday. its his life not yours! *geez*  you don't have the right to tell him what to do and what not or who to love and who not! thankfully the majority of fandom is happy for him, supportive and reasonable!
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lol fangirls xD what & who Junno does/loves in his private life is none our business & it should be neither JE's business, this guy works his ass of for the fans and the agency!! He should be allowed to have a happy love life with whoever he wants w.o fearing restrictions/punishment and for what being in love is not a shame and who said he can't marry and not be still a KAT-TUN member. He loves KAT-TUN and loves being a KT member from the bottom of his heart. Kimutaku is also married and SMAP still survived besides kimutaku being the most popular of them back then. We all should support Junno & especially the Agency should support him the way he deserves it! He is a very talented guy, he has more talents than some of the "more popular"  Johnny's who get lead role after lead role even though their dramas are mostly flops, endorsing contracts, etc. pp.  I'm happy for him and glad that he is such a faithful guy and not one of those who changes his GF's more often than their underwear xD  If its true and remember its just rumors so many things are taken/blown out of proportions even if it should be some truth in there, so take everything with a pinch of salt. Rena might have made some mistakes in the begining of their relationship but i think that woman does her best to keep her relationship w. him and also made problably some sacrifices regarding her own career to keep him out of the tabloids. I think she loves Junno dearly. She probably also knows that there are many girls maybe also some/lot of guys xDD who will gladly take her place xD Ppl. should have more faith in him that he have choosen the right person for him and will choose the right person for him in the future too! Might it be Rena or someone else, I will always love and support Junno, if i had to be a fangirl, than i've choosen the right person to fangirl over ofc nobody is perfect but that guy comes very very close to a 100 % perfection in every matter  ^_^  (the only problem is he is not mine *jk or maybe not^^''* and never will be. Rena is one hell a lucky woman ^^)   Thats all i have to say actually i said more than I intended to do. ^^''

P.S besides all that i have serious real life problems to worry about and i have tooth pain my inlay fell of and
the other side i somehow managed to scratch my gums badly so i can't eat since days. even when i eat soup my
mouth hurts. *sobs* on top of that my car broke again and i got an invoice from the police :(( bcoz of it, i have again higher costs to pay for the flat, the car taxes are also due now and the list goes on an on. FML >.< 
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Happy 9th Anniversary to our boys! To Junno my love, to Kame, to Maru and Uepi! Also Jin and Koki! May we have countless more Anniversaries to celebrate. The only group i spend money on and its all Junno's <3 fault *jk*
smile emoticon
I love their music and diversity and going into my 8th year as Junno and Kat-tun fan now XD

‪#‎KATTUN祝9周年‬ ‪#‎KATTUN_9thAnniversary前夜祭‬ ‪#‎亀梨和也‬ ‪#‎田口淳之介‬ ‪#‎上田竜也‬ ‪#‎中丸雄一‬ ‪#‎9thAnniversary‬ ‪#‎DebutOfKATTUN‬

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cutting ppls  wattermarks + not credit them is not a fine gesture & thats how you (generel meant) make ppl. who pay, scan + share stuff stop sharing!

writting credit to owner/uploader is never a credit, when you excactly know who it is! If the uploader doesen't want to be credited its another thing tho or if you don't know who the original uploader is! A proper credit is nothing more than a thank you to that person and shouldn't be that difficult for ppl. to understand this. With such behaviour we srsly don't have to wonder why ppl. suddenly stopped sharing stuff w. everyone or stopped sharing at all! :|


Jan. 17th, 2015 10:12 pm
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where were my eyes i swear i didn't see it till today >.<
need to rewatch the concert dvd XD

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Happy new Year everyone, may this 2015 be a happy healthy and wonderful year for all of us! XD

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Happy 29th Birthday Junno, wish you all the love and success in this world and may all your wishes come true. Please stay always healthy and happy! ^_^

Since the past 7 years this guy made me love him every day more and more. I wouldn't change
this guy for the world. In my eyes he is perfect just the way he is. X'D

Made some wallie to celebrate his Birthday also private besides on taguchi_love and
twitter:) and there will be some suprise gift for everyone on taguchi_love in celebration of Junno's BIthday ^_°

Wall sizes are all 1200x800

Hope to see a lot ppl. on twiiter and don't forget to trend #HBDNaiNaiNiceGuyTJ29
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Happy 29th Birthday Junno, wish you all the love and success in this world and may all your wishes come true. Please stay always healthy and happy! ^_^

Since the past 7 years this guy made me love him every day more and more. I wouldn't change
this guy for the world. In my eyes he is perfect just the way he is. X'D

Made some wallie to celebrate his Birthday also private besides on [ profile] taguchi_love and
twitter:) and there will be some suprise gift for everyone on [ profile] taguchi_love in celebration of Junno's BIthday ^_°

Wall sizes are all 1200x800

Hope to see a lot ppl. on twiiter and don't forget to trend #HBDNaiNaiNiceGuyTJ29
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Hi everyone,

Recently i've been added as friend from ppl.
i've never spoken with before, so i finally decided
to make a sticky post here. ^_^
It'll be nice if you guys could comment here
if you want to be added back and please talk to
me. I always love to make new friends :)

wish everyone a nice day


credit banner bendie_hp
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Our dear fairy Hime-Uepi is officially 31 today, so wish him again a Happy Birthday and all the best in the future
hope he is a little bit nicer to his litle bro Junno now that he is older and more of an adult xD

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Quick translation.
Junno loves Caprese Salad, especially the tomatoes in it. (that part is not translated)

N: The start of October is Ueda-kun's birthday.
T: Yeah. It's just a bit more to go. What'll you do? What'll you do?
N: I already bought his birthday present.
T: Isn't that fast? Eh, for real? What did you get?
N: That thing.
T: Say it.
N: Wireless router.
T: You said it. (laughs)
T: Wait wait wait, wireless router?

Read more... )
(Hyphen mail congratulating Junno on upcoming variety and dramas)
N: You're doing Legal High right?
T: Yeah yeah.
N: How is it?
T: It'll be on air November 22, but well, I did the SP before, and also the serial drama had two seasons... so this is my 4th time, with this team of people. So, it's already something I'm used to.
N: O-, oh... that's great. *monotonous*
T: Also of course, I wanted to meet Sakai-san.
N: What about the variety show?
T: Well, Tokoro-san is an interesting person. And there's also Bibiru Ohki who's a regular. It's a show about like for example how foreigners view the Japanese, or things like why Japanese ramen is popular. It's a program where we go close-up on things related to Japan and we tell people about things they didn't know before.
N: And when does this go on air?
T: This is... from October 21 I think. Every week on Tuesday. 7pm. The first episode will be a 2 hour special. We haven't recorded it yet, we haven't met each other, but I'm really looking forward to it.
N: It's been a while since you've seen Tokoro-san right?
T: Yeah... well we did meet him as KAT-TUN when we went on location in Cartoon KAT-TUN, but after that also met him on stuff like when I went on his program Sekai Maru Mie, but this will be the first time that I'll be seeing plenty of him. I'm looking forward to it.
N: As expected you're looking forward to it.
T: I want to go to places like Setagaya Base (Tokoro-san's workshop/garage on another variety show).

credit translation: xdreamscape@twitter
Audio c
redits: Podcast2-TV
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I know no one gonna read or react to this but  have to get it out and its okay if no one does.

All Junno lj comms. are since months/ages dead :( no one posts or shares anything abt. him anymore. so i guess its true what ppl. say Junno doesen't have any fans and this is really really sad. Don't tell me you've a lot to do in your real life coz other members fans are also busy w. real life and still manage to do regularly something for their so called ichiban or bias or the guy who they say he makes them smile. I was the last one who posted something on his coms and i  know i'm not very often here either, but that is bcoz no one cares anymore and to my posts are rarely any comments or is it bcoz its me and i'm a person who tends to tell ppl. the shocking truth that no one wants to hear. Then sorry i'm not a faker, i will always keep telling what i really think wheater you like it or not. One other thing that made me really heartbrocken is that someone went to the concerts and recorded all solos except Junno's, this isn't the first time and for sure not the last time that ppl. leave/cut him as only one out and i srsly i wonder why? I mean look at him, how can you dislike this sweet guy? A while ago i asked someone whats her problem with him and all she said was i dunno i don't like him but i dunno the reason. the best was this person always said she can't understand ppl. who love only their ichiban and she loves the whole group. *logic where are though*

Drama News:

Junno will be acting in the drama Kyou wa kaisha yasumimasu (meaning "Today is an off day"), starting October, 10pm(?) JST on NTV.

His character is Oshiro Takeshi(?), who entered the company same time as Hanae (Ayase Haruka's character). Oshiro is someone who gets easily elated by praises and flattery and he interferes with Hanae's relationships with the males.

Sorry i'm not really happy for him to be in that drama coz its again only a minor role and JE wastes his time and talent with those mini roles. But i guess we have to be lucky that we get anything at all. they even banned again his pictures on the drama charts :|
I don't want to be all to negative and try to be again tagutive now,  so congrats to Junno and hope we get to see him a bit more than just few seconds in every episode. I really admire this sweetest and strongest of all persons i know in this world coz he always keeps his positivity no matter how much bullshit he gets from every side and i really hope he always stays strong, healthy  and is happy. He deserves all happiness and love in this world coz this guy gives everyone of us a reason to smile again.

As last but not least i wanna wish our ojisan Maru again a happy belated b-day. I did this on his bday already on twitter tumblr and fb but forgot to post on lj and last week was really stressy >.< anyways wish him all the best in his life and i know Junno will always be a good friend for him ^^

so Junno grants Maru one wisch for his bday and
Maru wished Junno was his bday gift and who could blame him for this wish xD i want Junno too ^^ (lol i know i'm lame and sorry i'm not a
yaoi fan. i like when they interact with each other and show that they are actually good friends) so i think i've said enough for today
so bye bye
mendibuba: (sexy (UNF))

Wish you all the luck and sucsess for your future career and hope JE gives you a lot of lead roles in the future because you definetly derserve it :)

Wish you all the love in this world and may all your carreer and private wishes come true!

Please stay the way you are and make us smile more with your puns Mr. Iriguchi Deguchi Taguchi Desu XD

To selebrate Junno's Anniversary i made some wallies and gifs of the coucon :)

KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc11

(for wallies open pic in new tab for full size ^_^)

His tongue Kiss *ugh* XD

KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc129

Junno's Hips don't lie ;P

KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc120

KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc116
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc115
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc114
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc113

Junno's K A T ♥ T U N ^__^

KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc1 12 k a t t u n
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc111
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc110

KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc123
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc128
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc127
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc126
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc1 25
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc124
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc122
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc121
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc119
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc118
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc117
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc19
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc18
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc17
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc16
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc15
KT Countdown Live 2013-Disc14

Just some simple wallies but made with all the Junno Love ;)

Happy 15th Anniversary again Junno ♥ darling ^_^ 
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#KATTUN_8thAnniversary  #KATTUN祝8周年

Wish you guys all the best for the future as KAT-TUN and hope we get a weekly show!
I'm happy for SCP but once a month is not enough. *I'm greedy xD* And can't wait
to hear "Belive in Myself" :P

P:S. I also hope to see more of Junno this year!! :3
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i bet Junno/the other half of tomodachibu is/was the first to wish Kame a happy Bday ^_^

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Happy Birthday my Love ♥ you know i love you more than words can say
and this love for you grows every day more and more XD

here are 2 more wallies and some gimme luv gifs of this wonderful sweetheart :D

^-^ isn't he drop dead gorgeous and fierce here :D

 it's still his bday for the next 6 hrs here :)
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#入口出口田口くん生誕祭_28th #HBD28田口笑顔 Happy 28th Birthday Junno bb you’re the cutest most amazing loveliest human being in this world. ;) may all your wishes and dreams come true and wish you all the Happiness, Love and Succsess in your career in this world. You will always be my Precious only One ^_^

Made a few Wallies and gifs from Kusabi and GIMME LUV for his BIrthday hope you guys like them :)
more is to come during his Birthday week ^_^

Open pic in new tab to see the whole size :)

Now have fun celebrating our Prince of Smileses Birthday XD
hope to see a lot again on twitter ^-^
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#祝中丸三十路生誕祭 #中丸雄一が30歳になりました#Happy30thBdayNakamaru HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our now 30 year old Scaredy-Cat Nakamaru-kun :P

Take care of yourself, you’re not the youngest anymore xD ‘jk’  and don’t forget again to take your Survival Games Partner with you next time you’re on a mission ^^

Forgot to post this here >.<

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King of my ♥ #田口淳之介祝入所14年 入所14年目おめでとう!☺ Johnny’s Idol since 16th May 1999


I’m so happy Junno my sunshine smiley sweetheart decided 14 years ago (actually 16 years ago) to join the Entertainment World and bring us happyness, laughter, awesome music and dance and of course his damn sexy and cute self :D Without this amazing man the world would be a much sadder place, he always makes me smile even when i’m really down. Now it’s our turn to support him because he always gives his best to entertain us and make us laugh. ☼ I will always love and support him.

Junno is talking about his solo FLASH ♫ (translation)

The theme in my previous work “FINALE” was on being broken hearted, but the theme for “FLASH” is to be able to experience a light of new love from that relationship. The image of the PV was somehow like in an abandoned building/ruins. That was the highlight in the interlude, I guess? I have been dancing to a great extent. The filming was done from morning until midnight, but I really enjoyed in the scene. Since the choreographer is an interesting person, I was really smiling while dancing. The guest who will be appearing was really great (laughs). Because it has fairly become a masterpiece, I want you guys to anticipate it.

We all already know FLASH is an Epic song ^^ I’ve read many tweets from ppl. wanting to se the making of to FLASH (me including) because it’s such a awesome Song and PV ^.^ *happyfangirl* I really wished there would be also a makinig of >.< I wish him all the best for his future career, health, sucsess and a lot of love, he derseves all of it ^_^ I hope to see him soon in an leadrole in an awesome drama/movie and want to see him doing more solo projects because he has the potential. So to all producers and Johnny-san please give this talented and gorgeous sweetheart the chance to proove what he really can. ^.^

(c translation) MiraiRise

I know i'm a bit late i wanted to post this with some gifs from Junno's FLASH on lj but lj was under maintainance the last 30 hours >.< and it's sad that nealry no one remembered his 14th anniversary but ppl. maybe couldn't post like me too. :| Anyways hope you enjoy the gifs and the awesomeness that is Taguchi Junnosuke :P

(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:* FLASH ♫ • Junnosuke Taguchi ☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆

For more Junno ♥ FLASH awesomeness click here )

(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:* FLASH ♫ • Junnosuke Taguchi ☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆


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