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A little Tagumaru spam ^^ to celebrate our Ojimaru's bday ^^ wish him all the best for the future
and many bdays more XD

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Taguchi’s thoughts after watching Robamaru mastering all those action stunts

T: It feels like you have transformed from an okama (drag queen) to a man.

N: Sou sou…OI!!

credit: darumador

Lol ojiMaru is a bit slow huh ^^ and Junno ILU!! ^.^ ♥

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Happy 9th Anniversary to our boys! To Junno my love, to Kame, to Maru and Uepi! Also Jin and Koki! May we have countless more Anniversaries to celebrate. The only group i spend money on and its all Junno's <3 fault *jk*
smile emoticon
I love their music and diversity and going into my 8th year as Junno and Kat-tun fan now XD

‪#‎KATTUN祝9周年‬ ‪#‎KATTUN_9thAnniversary前夜祭‬ ‪#‎亀梨和也‬ ‪#‎田口淳之介‬ ‪#‎上田竜也‬ ‪#‎中丸雄一‬ ‪#‎9thAnniversary‬ ‪#‎DebutOfKATTUN‬

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I know no one gonna read or react to this but  have to get it out and its okay if no one does.

All Junno lj comms. are since months/ages dead :( no one posts or shares anything abt. him anymore. so i guess its true what ppl. say Junno doesen't have any fans and this is really really sad. Don't tell me you've a lot to do in your real life coz other members fans are also busy w. real life and still manage to do regularly something for their so called ichiban or bias or the guy who they say he makes them smile. I was the last one who posted something on his coms and i  know i'm not very often here either, but that is bcoz no one cares anymore and to my posts are rarely any comments or is it bcoz its me and i'm a person who tends to tell ppl. the shocking truth that no one wants to hear. Then sorry i'm not a faker, i will always keep telling what i really think wheater you like it or not. One other thing that made me really heartbrocken is that someone went to the concerts and recorded all solos except Junno's, this isn't the first time and for sure not the last time that ppl. leave/cut him as only one out and i srsly i wonder why? I mean look at him, how can you dislike this sweet guy? A while ago i asked someone whats her problem with him and all she said was i dunno i don't like him but i dunno the reason. the best was this person always said she can't understand ppl. who love only their ichiban and she loves the whole group. *logic where are though*

Drama News:

Junno will be acting in the drama Kyou wa kaisha yasumimasu (meaning "Today is an off day"), starting October, 10pm(?) JST on NTV.

His character is Oshiro Takeshi(?), who entered the company same time as Hanae (Ayase Haruka's character). Oshiro is someone who gets easily elated by praises and flattery and he interferes with Hanae's relationships with the males.

Sorry i'm not really happy for him to be in that drama coz its again only a minor role and JE wastes his time and talent with those mini roles. But i guess we have to be lucky that we get anything at all. they even banned again his pictures on the drama charts :|
I don't want to be all to negative and try to be again tagutive now,  so congrats to Junno and hope we get to see him a bit more than just few seconds in every episode. I really admire this sweetest and strongest of all persons i know in this world coz he always keeps his positivity no matter how much bullshit he gets from every side and i really hope he always stays strong, healthy  and is happy. He deserves all happiness and love in this world coz this guy gives everyone of us a reason to smile again.

As last but not least i wanna wish our ojisan Maru again a happy belated b-day. I did this on his bday already on twitter tumblr and fb but forgot to post on lj and last week was really stressy >.< anyways wish him all the best in his life and i know Junno will always be a good friend for him ^^

so Junno grants Maru one wisch for his bday and
Maru wished Junno was his bday gift and who could blame him for this wish xD i want Junno too ^^ (lol i know i'm lame and sorry i'm not a
yaoi fan. i like when they interact with each other and show that they are actually good friends) so i think i've said enough for today
so bye bye
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#KATTUN_8thAnniversary  #KATTUN祝8周年

Wish you guys all the best for the future as KAT-TUN and hope we get a weekly show!
I'm happy for SCP but once a month is not enough. *I'm greedy xD* And can't wait
to hear "Belive in Myself" :P

P:S. I also hope to see more of Junno this year!! :3
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#祝中丸三十路生誕祭 #中丸雄一が30歳になりました#Happy30thBdayNakamaru HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our now 30 year old Scaredy-Cat Nakamaru-kun :P

Take care of yourself, you’re not the youngest anymore xD ‘jk’  and don’t forget again to take your Survival Games Partner with you next time you’re on a mission ^^

Forgot to post this here >.<

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and for all NYers there, watch out for KAT-TUN!! They might be still there
and celebrating their Anniversary somewhere there xD

Also wish our boys a happy 12th Anniversary since Formation ^_^
Looking forward to atleast another 12 years of activities as KAT-TUN and their
wonderful music XD

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Happy Birthday to our dear Joker :D

135210581723774 20121026 KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru! 6
13520594428817  20121026 KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru! 5

Junno's smile is just precious XD Love my sweetest smiley man so much ^.^

13520764373166 20121026 KAT-TUN no Sekaiichi Dame na Yoru! 4

Junki is having fun especially Junno ♥ and Kame looks somewhat jealous at them ^^
and in 24 days Junno darlings birthday is comming :D
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please stay always our beloved scaredy cat xD and take care of yourself and also please
take care of your little brother Junno for me XD

Plus some Junno ♥ and KAT-TUN gifs i made *sorry for the crappy gifs >.<* and Kame shares a inside
story/some info about Junno ♥ and him as the one in charge for the choreo :D

[KAT-TUN] Kame recited about the new song (Fumetsu no Scrum) which Junno choreographed. “Usually, Junno doesn’t bother to tell members about posing or positions like ‘Kame do this, Koki do that..”. But when it comes to the song that he choreographed by himself, only 1 mm. error he wouldn’t forgive”.

^_^ you go Junno ♥ babes XD maybe thats why KAT-TUN is nearly in sync in the previews xD I can´t wait to see the making of and see Taguchi sensei scolding them when they mess up ^_° 

TH->EN kattunthailand

and again HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY #中丸くん ☻
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Juno would say Happy Birthday Kazuya XD please take care of yourself and stay healthy and don´t be mean to my sweetheart Junno xD

(this gif dosen´t even work on lj *sobs* Guess which animal is who! xD)

On another note the stupid editors made Junno 3 years older here and wrote 82.11.29 instead 85.11.29. >.< He looks waay to cute like a sweet little chibi XD and that most beautiful and sweetest smile of his *melts* I could squish him so much right now. On the other side if Junno were the oldest, the other members had to listen to him and not bully him but even though Maru is the oldest they still bully him. lol So i´m glad Junno is the second youngest in the group though he looks the youngest. It seems time stood still for him ^_^ my always sweet 16 Junno darling <3 xDD

I´m freezing here >.< I need Junno <3 to warm me up and cuddle me into his warm sweater. lol i always love Junno´s sweaters they look so damn fine on him and  so warm and fluffy XD. Going to sleep now and squish my pillow thinking of Junno maybe then i get warmer xD 

P.S. Sorry Kazu this got more an Junno than a B-Day post for you but you know i just love love love this guy waay too much, you´ll be always my fave turtle xD
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Happy Birthday to our dear Joker / Koki stay the way you are and please don´t slap my sweety Junno anymore on KZM! xD
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Yay!! Two PV´s one for "Birth" LE 1 and one for "Star Rider" LE 2 :))

More Junno for me :D 

My poor wallet though, it´s empty even now. >.<

LOL who needs food ne! (。♥‿♥。)


gifs not mine ^_^
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Otanyoubi omedettou der Nakamaru-kun (Junno is the only one who calls him like that and he is soo cute when he does it ^^)

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Hi everyone, i  want to share some Junno and KAT-TUN Macros ^^
Hope you enjoy them as much as i enjoyed making them XDDD

I think Junno had something else in his mind but my eyes went all down ^^
I love those Jeans on him - he is my best jeanist ever 8DDD


Click me for a lot more of Junno Love/Fun <3 )

brought to you by [info]taguchi_love 

C: JOR, Tumblr

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Its been long since i posted lol
i found something really funny in the world wide web and  thought i share it with U gals  8D

here comes Sailor KAA-UTN ^___^  (awfull Name lol)

I have no idea who made this photo shop but someone from thankfully uploaded it ^^

I would say She/He did an amazing Job with Kame (Sailor Moon), Jin (Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Mars)  and Uepi (Sailor Venus) they look really like cute girls especially Uepi and Jin. Junno (Sailor Merkur) looks a little bit of in there though still cute. Well its Junno we´re talking about ne he is always cute no matter what they do to him ;)) 
But that pic dosen´t do justice to his real beauty as we all know (after Yucan Club) he is a perfect Barbie/Sailor Moon material  (sorry Junno biased much 8DD) and Maru (Sailor Jupiter) honestly is his Nose really that big!? lol 

She/He forgot Koki (Why!?) he would have been a great Tuxedo man i think
but we have a dubble Jin instead so i think she/he is a big Jin  Fan.  Poor Koki though. ;/

Then i thought if i were able to make such an Photoshop who would be mine KAT-TUN/Sailor Moon cast! As i alredy said Junno would have looked better as Sailor Moon (remember BTR Con, he representend the King of Moon and he rocks the blonde and just like Sailor Moon he dosen´t really like to fight and is easyly moved to tears and and and ),  Maru idk what to say that Nose just distracts me lol. so no Sailor for Maru (Gomen Maru) therefore i would choosen him as Tuxedo Man (he has that Normal guy aura so Prince of Earth suits him lol)though i alredy reserved Tuxedo man for Koki (not that Koki has that normal guy aura) ma well lets see further. Kame Sailor Mars ( the hard worker, holds actually the whole team togeter aka unoffcial Leader and he likes to groope other guys butts aka crazzy about guys *just kiddin*) , Uepi Sailor Jupiter (the powerfull boxer who can trow his punches like a thunderbolt), Jin Sailor Venus (well for some reasons he has that sexy immage ne) and Koki Sailor Merkur ( he has till now the biggest scool education., though here i also thougt about student Maru but you know the Nose *i know im mean*  I love u Maru). 

So what would be yours KAT-TUN Sailor Moon Cast !??  XDD
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I´m kind of bored i thought i make also a JE Meme but it turned out to be more like a
only KAT-TUN meme lol

1. The character I first fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don't
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I used to love but don't any longer
6. The character I would shag anytime
7. The character I'd want to be like
8. The character I'd slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise
11. Favorite character
12. My five favorite characters
13. My five least favorite characters
14. Which character I am most like
15. My deep, dark fandom secret


  1. The character I first fell in love with : Taguchi

  2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now : Taguchi i never really was
      a big Fan of someone bevor or wait only once but that had nothing to do with JE or Japan
      at all

  3. The character everyone else loves that I don't : Kame, Jin (i don´t hate them is just that
      i don´t go gaga over them even if i would meet them in private)
  4. The character I love that everyone else hates : Junno i think though i can´t understand why 
      anyone could hate this adorable cutie

  5. The character I used to love but don't any longer: Jin idk he got so sloppy. please cut your
      Hair and shave that beared or what should that be

  6. The character I would shag anytime: Junno :D, he is tall, handsome, sexy, cute, innocent
      very faithfull, talented and has the most wonderfull Smile in world isn´t  that reason enough

  7. The character I'd want to be like : Kame (Famous, Rich no i´m just kiding) 
      Junno (he has a good Heart)

  8. The character I'd slap : Koki for kiking my poor Junno (but not really i guess Junno
      needs sometimes a kick in the cute butt, Ueda he is sometimes really rude, Jin just
      to keep him stay awake lol 

  9. A pairing that I love : JINNO actually everything with Junno

10. A pairing that I despise : None

11. Favorite character : Junno i love this guy he is my absolute number one and will always be

12. My five favorite characters : 1. Junno, 2, Kame, Jin, Koki, Maru, Ueda

13. My five least favorite characters: Kame, Jin, Koki, Maru, Ueda lol

14. Which character I am most like: Kame (behaves most of the time very adult like,
      is proffesional and hardworking,  Junno (i´m also lefthanded and ppl. think im nice,
      caring, funny, i like to laugh a lot just like Junno)

15. My deep, dark fandom secret: I´m not really a great J-Music Fan gets bricked xD  
      but i like some KT Songs like Keep the Faith, Precious one, Wind, Sheishin,
      Distance etc. pp...oh i gues there are more Songs than only some that i love 8D

Thats it for now :)) i if someone going to read this i would be very happy i you drop a comment! ^^

P.S. The Meme is not created by me idk who made this XD 


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