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if he gets punished than only bcoz of such moron comments on the net. support him & the jimusho will not need to take any actions. *think first before you speak!*
this really pissed me off now, i didn't expected to read such nonsense from her tho.
"ok, I say. Junno you idiot. do such stupid things now? when the group is on its feet again, when no shaking..right now you lose your reputation, on which you have worked for so many years!
or things like "hating him* or *punch him* srsly only brainless ppl. say such things!
He didn't do anything wrong!  for fucks sake!! He is a human with needs who is in love and that for years not just from yesterday. its his life not yours! *geez*  you don't have the right to tell him what to do and what not or who to love and who not! thankfully the majority of fandom is happy for him, supportive and reasonable!

Date: 2015-04-07 11:29 pm (UTC)
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Here is the article.




Date: 2015-04-08 01:01 am (UTC)
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thanks Sanne :)

Date: 2015-04-07 11:58 pm (UTC)
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Sorry for commenting here, but it's more discreet.
I wanna say that reading what you transcribed really made me speachless.

I want to tell you that I honestly didn't like her because I read some stuff (even an article about her cheating on him with another man!) and okay, they were prejudices,I already know that this is childish and shallow. I'm a possessive girl (don't think bad of me, it's just my character) and it's stupid because he's not a real person of my life and I can separate real and not. Suddenly when I knew this news, watched the pic, what I just said disappeared. I just felt relieved.
I had a feeling that they weren't together anymore. Knowing that I was wrong didn't made me mad at all. I was honestly happy that he actually found a woman who TRULY loved him for so long and still does. After 8 year you can only: know someone and understand you can't be together or LOVE that someone forever. I hope this is the case.
Now, he's an idol. Imo being an idol sucks for a lot of reasons and thinking that Junno does this job it's something I don't really like.
On the other hand, he is actually one of the most enthusiastic people doing this job and he wouldn't ruin his career for something like a personal relationship and fan's stupid reactions. It's not that he would quit KAT-TUN for this. I don't know how ut he loves what he does, really.
He's a man, as you said, he needs a life, to love and to be loved and maybe he really found his soulmate.
He is the usual awesome and beautifully hearted Junno. The same of the last 8 and more years that everyone (almost) loved. "Hate"? For what?
Because he has a life? I so want that everyone of them finally found someone to spend their lives with, w/o the risk of growing old alone because of the fear of reactions.
Japanese fandom is so childish, they treat these people like dolls, like they have no soul and heart, like they're toys to pay for having some playtime and then judge them if they actually live.
If I've ever "judged" one of them is only because I worry that they could have some troubles, like with his korean trips that always in my mind had a dark image because of what? I don't even know! XD
Mybe us as foreign fans care more about them as individuals because we don't have this idol/doll culture but japanese fans (don't know if others too) don't and it's because their society from this point of view is deply sick.
I'm so happy. I started to think how happy he would be if he becomes an husband and a father, he would be the happiest man on heart and this thought make me feel so proud of my ichiban, of that man so loyal and awesome.
Most of all I thought that if HE loves her, she MUST be worth it, so I want and have to definitely TRUST him in his choices because he can only chose what's best for him. I want this as you do and all fans should do. He deserves to be loved for all the reasons we already know. We should only thank her for giving him so much love, he's so gorgeous and doesn't stop getting better and better in everything.
My only fear is japanese fandom. I can clearly see the mess they could do, because their precious smiley doll prince is taken (ehm, why such an handsome creature should be alone?) and OMG maybe he wants to marry. He already had troubles, and so KAT-TUN. How can't fandom understand that their dear "we will always support kat-tun!" actually means THIS and not only buy cds and dvds and attend concerts and so on?
I'm already trying to imagine him dealing w/ girlfriend&mother in the same house and I'm dying of laughs, because it's a so great image... and maybe there's the insured dog too! XD
Junno's happy face is the answer to everything. He must and need to keep on smiling like he does. What if he stops because of the bad things he and the group would face because of this illogical and senseless anger?
Some people (japanese fandom or not) are only really really stupid and selfish and blind.

Sorry for this long messy reply but I wanted to say that you (and Junno! obviously xD) have my support and understanding, moreover I had to admit my own faults and try to settle my mind clearly somehow :)
I know we disagree on some things and we have some different points of view but we both love Junno and I know that I can speak with you openly.

'night <3

Date: 2015-04-08 02:16 am (UTC)
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Lol and what exactly made you speechless? ^^

Well i can say it only from my point of view. Especially then when he is not a person of your real life you can't be possesive of him imo, but don't worry i don't blame you ^^ Sure i love this guy more than anything in this world but i'm totally aware that he'll never be in my life or that he'll never know that i even exist and yet he gives me so much love/happines that I'm thankful and glad such a person like him exists in this world. I actually don't give a damn what they say about her. I was always pretty neutral towards her, never intended to defend her either but somehow it happend now xD blame it on that allergy i have against unjustice. Ppl. talk a lot bullshit on the net. I wouldn't take some gossip sites for real ^^ If he likes her and its obvious that he does or he wouldn't be 8 yrs. in a relationahip with her, who am/are i/we to judge her. We don't know her the way he knows her and we'll never do. Never heard about that rumor and knowing from what Junno always says about relatonships and cheating, he would never have tolerated and still be w. her if she really cheated on him. lets leave out the fact that she'd be damn stupid to cheat on him. Personally i think he knows very well how to handle her and also her mom if its really true that the old lady is living w. them what i actually doubt. ^^
Well as you know the rumor isnt't new, we get since 2009 every now and then reminded of him dating her and wanting to marry her, then from time to time we get some old pics too. It is possible or more likely that they weren't nonstop all those 8 years together bcoz surely the jimusho made them break up at some point. But honestly what is fandom expecting from him, that he lives like a monk in the dark and comes only out for work or do some ppl. really think he is their property or they have a chance with him. (lol) Other Johnny's have done much worser things than dating the same woman for 8 years.
Like i already said I'm glad that Junno isn't one of those guys who changes his GF's more often than his underwear tho he totally would have the chances to do so.
He is also not an Idiot to risk his career and he loves KT from the bottom of his heart. He prooved that more than once imo. I think japanese fandom is actually more calm about it than the international. Sure they attack rena, for being older, for having pics in lingerie and for some other stupid reasons. International fandome does that too, but i read from the international fandom some of the stupidest things. They are blaming him for having a love life and use such words like "i hate you" "i want to punch you" "moron" "if KT brakes up its your fault"! etc. pp. Thats what makes me angry and disapointed in this fandom. As an Idol he didn't make any mistakes and what he does in private, who he dates or likes is none of our business, neither is it the business of the jimusho. Actually its their task to protect their talents. If they supported him like they should've that pic would never be in the mag in the frist place. I doubt that there is anything that the agency doesen't know about their talents. This is just my opinion but i think Junno is just one of the many scape goats for some real scandal of one of the so called "popular guys" and you can bet that won't be just a dating rumor.

lol i know that and I'm glad you speak onen with me just like i do with you ^^


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